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  1. "Amor a Primera Vista" (6/7)

    Change of plan folks. There will now be 7 parts to the story. This was so difficult to write; I hope it doesn't disappoint you.

    The light streamed through the gap of the curtains, and greeted me as I awakened. I proceeded into the bathroom, where I inspected the newly formed freckles on my tanned nose, before cleaning my teeth and washing. I selected my clothing, and coated my skin in lotion that smelled just like coconut. Carefully placing the blue flower slide into my hair (which ...
  2. Unleashed


    uncontrolled raging fever
    blinding all sense and reason
    quaking through my body
    My Poetry
  3. I Think It's Time

    As most of you know I left my job in April of last year due to a high level of stress and just plain old unhappiness. I still do not regret what I did. During this past year and a half, my husband and I started our adoption process, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (which I now have under control), have become a better cook since I now have the time and enjoy it much better now. I walk 3 days a week and I think I am in better shape then I was when I was working. (my husband may state otherwise). ...
  4. A poem (not one of mine!)

    by , 11-17-2008 at 04:52 PM (Reflections on the puddle of life)
    So, I'm kinda pretty busy at the moment: working, writing and generally getting from one day to the next. My novel is coming along slowly, but I have a strong theme and a lot of research to do which is fun.

    My son is currently learning about creative writing in school, and last week he was asked to write a poem about wind. This is what he wrote:

    The Blustering Wind

    Who has seen the wind?
    Blowing down the trees
    Leaves blowing down the street ...
  5. Kudos (I lost track of the number, haha)

    I have made a few kudos blogs for members of Litnet, whose qualities were etched forever into my corner of the internet, where a passing wanderer may happen upon them.
    But there is one who is not of Litnet, but who has seen my blog, that I feel deserves an enduring testament to her greatness. And that is my Sunshine.
    Perhaps I have mentioned her before, perhaps not. She is a guardian of many names. She is Mrs. Allen. She is my orchestra teacher. She is Sunshine. You wonder why I call