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  1. And the body drops

    Hahaha, ok that was just too hysterical. So my "little frined" in response to my counter-argument against his accusations that I am rasist, continues to try and put words in my mouth I did not say, and continues to go out of his way to misunderstand me.

    But the best part is, he says he calls upon me to retract my statements?

    HA! Or what?

    He has zero power and authority over me. What is he going to do if I do not retract my statements?
  2. Quotes from my Neice

    My sister sent me some quotes she thought I would appericate from my neice. Who at the age of 3 is just like me.

    To Jason:
    "I'll dream about you...(everyone sighs at how cute that is)...getting hurt by spiders."

    At the toy store, admiring a fire truck:
    "Jesus! I never realized they had one of these before!"

    To me:
    "I like to wear black."

    To a Music Class teacher in front of a big group
  3. If you die

    I just loved this quote from the previews of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still

    If the planet dies you die, if you die the planet survives

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  4. The Murdering Cow

    by , 10-25-2008 at 11:33 PM (My Random Drops of Unadulterated Nonsense)
    originally posted in the Write a Really Short Story in 50 Words or Less thread

    The cow slowly turned her head to look back at the farmer who was milking her. "Knock, knock," she said. Startled, Farmer John could only ask, "who's there?" "The Murdering Cow," answered the verbose bovine. "The murdering cow who?" were the last words the farmer ever spoke.
  5. Un Sac de Produit D’hygiène de Femme

    by , 10-25-2008 at 11:30 PM (My Random Drops of Unadulterated Nonsense)
    originally posted in the Write a Really Bad Poem thread

    I pop up the collar
    on my pink polo shirts
    I "hang" with my "brahs"
    at Dave Matthews concerts
    I wear a white baseball cap,
    the sticker's still on the bill,
    Hi, nice to meet you,
    My name's Massengill.

    I love "Family Guy"
    I quote it non-stop
    I use gallons of gel
    my hair's spiked on the top
    I say "keep ...