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  1. Corunavirus Journal Update (la Deuxiem)

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    Covid-19 testing is really mind-boggling out here in Gold Country, USA. First, we need to have everybody tested (face the facts, Jack)... but some politicians say no for Heavens-know-why, and there still are not enough test kits for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e to get tested. I was lucky (twice)... let me explain:

    Monday, late evening last, I get a weird dry cough episode and start to feel short of breath... paranoia sets in. OK, taking friend to doctor's appt. Tuesday where we both go for checkups.
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  2. Two poems : Aurora face \\ As a scorpion

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    From springy Aurora face, she got bliss
    Puddled in her way delivering her kiss
    From her urbane speech, I learn syntax
    Into her stunning bosom, I got relax
    Her sorrowful eyes reveal endless myth
    Under a darkened hair seems writhe
    Her fallen tear tickles her cheek as a hail
    Like a vessel sways under its canopy sail
    A wide eye as the eye of a wild antelope
    Clear-eyed gives me an auspicious hope
    To marry her, indeed you
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  3. Iraq after the occupation of 2003 and democracy

    Iraq after the occupation of 2003


    I myself served as a private soldier in the Iraqi army during the Iraqi-Iranian war, from 1982- 1989.
    I worked as a medical staff but I shared virtually in many battles that took place from north to south of Iraq, the more important battle is the liberation war of the Faw-district recovering again to the Iraqi authority from Persians in 1988, closely I saw all of the taken place battles there.
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  4. Nothing remains , it was sunk

    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Ahmad View Post

    Nothing remains it was sunk

    Mohammad Ahmad poems

    Inside the water it was drowned
    The village, which I love it, was doomed
    Nothing remains
    Her face was sealed
    Even her dog was drowned
    Even her home, her she-goat was drowned
    Nothing remains even her toy
    Still I know where she played
    Her hill still I love
    The place that overlooks over her orchard,
    Still tickles my heart
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  5. Time of now is bizarre and strange

    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Ahmad View Post

    Time of now is bizarre and strange

    MMA poems

    Iraqi translator

    Time of al- Mutanbi was gone away
    Remote time never comes again
    Never shall we battle with swords or javelins…
    Never shall we have horses to cross the desert…
    Never shall we wait that time to return…
    Time of now is bizarre and strange….
    Those men of dated history have their good deed…
    Look! Now we are
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