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  1. The Internet

    by , 01-02-2007 at 02:43 PM (Shannanigan's Search for More...)
    The internet is a wonderful thing. Okay, that's a generalized statement, and I've felt differently on nights when viruses have crashed my computer along with 4 hours worth of essay-writing, but overall I've had a positive experience with this world wide web...

    When I got frustrated over never finding anyone nearby who likes to read and discuss literature, I found literature forums. When I needed ideas and advice for my project car I found an active forum dedicated just to my make, ...
  2. After New Years Day

    Left AAA at 10 pm to find Michael, Sandy and little Ron visiting. They had been to see Night at the Museum and stopped off. Mike wants to know when I'm geting the replacement hoses for the attic furnace which I assured him would be the 11th when the holiday pay hits the check. Tomorow's AF retirement check is already vouched for.

    Steve B had called me at work. He, Kim and the girls had been back in Ohio to see family. We updated each other on family but cut call short due to ...
  3. Just one

    by , 01-01-2007 at 07:27 PM (Barmy Blue's Bland Blog)
    Nothing to say today except for one interesting thing.

    We have a family of squirrels living in our garden and they're rather partial to monkey nuts. They're always out in the garden, scurrying around and burying them. A while ago, we found one in the corner of our doormat (The cat liked scratching it every time he came in the front door ) so there is a kind of gap in that corner. A while later the nut was gone. Tonight, as mum was putting out the rubbish, she stepped on another,
  4. New Years Day

    Ruth off today. I have the 2-10 shift. Brandy was under weather but holding up. Tonya arrived at 4 and she's got a headache but holding up also. Her daughter fractured her arm (again) at her aunt's house and in a sling for now.

    Arrived home--Sandy and Mike had visited Ruth just prior to midnight but Mike left before I got home. Little Ron was probably tired.

    Still winning my e-bay. Tim at the Bookery had an old issue of Super Science Stories that has the second ...
  5. New Years Eve

    Day 4 of 7--second shift. 11:29 pm with 6 calls on the board. Have cleared 79 calls since 4 pm. Not bad.

    Prior to work finally got a hold of my sister. Mom doing better then I thought but wants to come home to her apartment. Problem there is she will fall again and she has no wheelchair of her own and her use of the lifeline is suspicious. Says she wears it but when the accident happened it was nowhere on her. Bob has actually been visiting.

    Took some time and ...