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  1. A Tiny Fortune For Tiny Things

    by , 05-11-2016 at 07:35 PM (Barmy Blue's Bland Blog)
    So I’ve gone a little crazy today.
    Yesterday I got a phone call.
    Now. Some context.
    You know that my cousin was expecting a baby in April.
    Well. April came and went.
    So I kind of started semi-stalking my cousin on Facebook, so that I could find out any baby news.
    Seems she was 2 weeks overdue and then some.
    So. Back to the call.
    My aunt called. Just like with my uncle, she thought I was my mum at first greeting.
    Anyway. It finally happened. ...
  2. Quelle Barbe (What a Beard)

    by , 05-08-2016 at 03:29 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    It has been a few decades since I wore a beard, and back then I sometimes liked having a beard. In recent times beards changed significantly, and I don't much like the change. Back in those antediluvian times men wore full beards. When the beard became long, it might be trimmed, but regular trimming was not common.

    Thinking back, it seems that the characters on TV who were bearded had full beards. I don't recall anything different, except for some strange people who grew full beards ...

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  3. Online bookstores

    by , 05-07-2016 at 05:42 AM (day in a life)
    I live on the ice. We have brilliant authors and poets here, no other country in the world publishes as many books per capita, and we are proud of it. There are not many small independent bookstores, here I can think of 3, but one of them also publishes books, and one is a bookstore and a café (and my home away from home). We have chains that have a great variety of books from all over the world but it's not perfect.

    That is where online bookstores come in. I have used Amazon a lot, ...
  4. Self- Delusion and Politics in the 21st Century

    by , 04-27-2016 at 07:09 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    I was innocently clicking through the garbage of Facebook when I ran into photo that included the text “This campaign is about a future I believe in, not a future I think I can get.” And the image of a woman in Arab garb, who is is identified as Linda Sarsous, Executive Director of the Arab-American Association of New York. Clicking on the photo took me to another place in Cloud Cuckoo Land, where there is an alleged quote by Bernie Sanders
    “Let me tell you something, sisters and brothers: ...
  5. what I'm reading

    Read through Nabokov's "The Tragedy of Mr. Morn"; beginning the third (and last) volume of Mark Twain's autobiography. (This may take some time.)