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  1. Pink Ice

    by , 11-16-2008 at 04:21 PM (Poetry, Random Thoughts & Ramblings)
    Stained with life that lives no more
    Disfigured forms scar the earth’s floor
    None will be seen till the spring thaw
    Showing evidence of another bloody war

    Snow stained carnage yet again
    Showing man’s lust for pain
    And to what is the gain?
    None! It’s just man’s game

    Ice so lightly stained in pink
    Tainted water unfit to drink
    And snow covered in life’s ink
    Even more into depravity we sink

    Blanket ...
  2. Comedy & Dramady

    Comedy & Dramady

    happy; amusement
    laughing; healing; uplifting
    foolish; cheerful; tension; somber
    gripping; anticipating; heightening
    climax; heavy
    My Poetry
  3. [a004]

    by , 11-16-2008 at 03:15 PM (Writings (of old and present) & Futuristics~)
    II, b
    Dois tripulantes ilustres

    "Você está pretendendo deixar sob custódia o preceptor da princesa de Rubia, e a filha dele?!", diz Egar, com um certo pudor. "Certo: quando eu poderia confiar que o nosso amigo Dêrmot deixaria isso em segredo por muito tempo?!", Pelageu desabafa, depois de muito ter vindo de ouvir falações do comerciante de bordo. Bóreas estava presente; estavam apenas os três. "Ele não falou nada porque quis, Pelageu: eu o inquiri. ...
  4. James Whistler

    I have already posted this to the Art Group here at LitNet... but on the outside chance that there are some others outside that group interested in art... I'll offer it up in my blog as well.

    I have long admired Whistler... although I will admit that I have not often given him the consideration that is his due... You must smile at his audacity which led to his becoming one of the first real modern "bad boys" of art. This was often hidden behind the absolute elegance of ...
  5. First Indian Temple Opens in Seoul

    an article I saw on