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  1. Waking Spirit

    A mist rises over cold blue mountain sides, covering all paths
    links of chains reach out from beyond to binding thee
    drip, drip, slowly hits the ground pooling into overflowing baths
    no one hears you scream from within the depths of eternity, nowhere to flee
    fading into unknown surroundings and thee closes thou eyes tight
    ocean waves sweep over thy body, raising thou beyond thy physical form
    thou looks back upon the lifeless form as thee takes flight
  2. Thou Enemy, Fear

    Thou eyes closed, breathing in the experiences of thou journey
    along this path thou leaves behind milestones in deepened footprints
    lurking in the darkness around every cornerstone, was an old companion, fear
    whispering winds hit upon thou time worn ears,
    life is not without the light and dark sides attached to us,
    tears of pain filled the rivers, cries for help echoed upon zephyrs
    thou screams, oh Great Spirit, thy people cried thousands ...
  3. Alone in a crowd

    by , 11-02-2006 at 05:41 PM (A Ramble through Smilie Land)
    When the dreams have all faded away
    like wisps on a windy day
    When wishes have never come true.
    How could I talk to you?

    I stand and watch them play,
    always its been this way
    around me they sing and dance
    and yet Im all alone.

    In my bubble of lonliness I stand
    Alone with my castle of sand
    I watch them laugh and talk. I wish
    I could do that.

    You turn and come my way
    Then there is somthing ...

    Updated 08-20-2008 at 05:56 PM by Nightshade

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  4. The Illusion of Friendship

    Your “good morning”
    Is a boring habit
    And I taste your ignorance
    In your day by day “how are you”
    Wish I could take off your masquerade
    And reveal that charlatan personality
    You’re just another nobody

    Ah… your dull smile is a mockery
    Your pretentious attention
    Is a disgrace to honesty
    Darling, what a pity to see you backward
    When you think you’re moving forward
    How sad to see
    A pure
  5. The Young Nobody

    This is you
    Your blur story
    As I recorded briefly
    As I caught you with the corners of my eyes
    When my steps rushed
    When you say quietly

    You have that eye devoted to darkness
    And the other spared to see light
    A youth so unblessed
    Your shaky lips dramatized
    The self-pity expression
    Because few dimes took a whole day
    Because miracle was too arrogant to stop by
    And comfort and joy and love ...