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  1. random note I came across

    From the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), July 1890, p217:

    Kansas. - On the 11th of last month our society held a very enjoyable pic-nic in a beautiful grove about three miles from the city, where, surrounded by the beauties of nature we enjoyed a feast of reason and a flow of soul, and partook of a beautiful dinner of fruits, nuts, and cereals. After dinner Mr. W. W. Perkins, a veteran of 77 years, and 40 years a Vegetarian, made us a very interesting address. With best ...

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  2. Soup van

    When I was in New York, I had this chance to ride with the soup van. You know, that sort of van that drives around the city, distributing free food to homeless and poor.

    That night the van I was in served the Bronx. I was in town for more than a week, but never been to that area. We passed the bridge, I saw the big bright stadium. I heard alot about Bronx, not really nice ones. When I saw that stadium, I thought the area couldn't be that bad. Well, I supppose the stadium was the ...
  3. He plays...

    by , 01-21-2009 at 07:55 AM (Silas Thorne's Journal)
    He plays the sonnet, held tight to his breast,
    earnestly waiting for those who know best.
    There shakes the feather, held down on the ground:
    'let me free!, let me free!',
    yet the thoughts had no sound.

    Would that I could, eat a trick of the light,
    Then we would be alright,
    Then my thoughts would run free.

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  4. Neighbours

    I live in 6 floors apartment building, 2 apartments in each floor (I live in the 1st floor, that would be 2nd floor for the almost the rest of the world, I think). So, roughly, at least I have 11 neighbours in this building.

    My next door neighbour is a middle-aged woman. I think she lives by herself. I met her face to face twice and see her from the back once. First encounter was about 2 weeks after I moved in. I met her downstair while the mover came to deliver my boxes. She said, ...
  5. Internal Bleeding

    I'm tasting copper in my throat and I have pains all through out my gastrointestinal area. I'm leaving for the clinic soon.