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  1. There ain't no cure for the summertime blues

    I had my annual physical last week and got my blood test results. Well, Iím healthy. All that exercise has really paid off. My total cholesterol is 172, well below the 200 max. But whatís really good is that my HDL cholesterol (thatís the good kind) is 60, way above the 46 min and the LDL (bad cholesterol) is 103, well below the 130 max. And triglycerides are down to an almost non-existent 45. Those are very good numbers. The ratio of total chol to HDL, perhaps the most important number, ...
  2. Perceptions & reality (plus other stuff)

    by , 02-06-2009 at 10:23 PM (Exiled in a kilt)
    Ok, I have been doing interviews the other day for a couple of openings in my crew. It is always amusing to see the prospective employees come in, sometimes you can tell right away from the person when you shake their hand whether they'll be good or not - other times it can take a while. The best bit though is trying to guess what each person will be like from reading their resume.

    There were 2 cases in point that interested me:

    1) Resume was perfect, well presented, ...
  3. Some Valentines are Lucky and Some . . .

    Super Silly-ous Taste Test

    A diehard interloper,
    Long confirmed misanthrope,
    Rejected in the inner circles,
    Left to simper
    At his own
    Inside jokes;
    He put his hand in
    As a young blade
    Along with a feminine hand
    Of moot trade,
    A therapist in pressuring sets and rubbing rings.
    After almost a year
    The true blue
    Threw in the towel
    With charitable thoughts ...
  4. Noah's Personal Tea Trade

    If they would survive in time some way,
    Noah had to save the brothers.
    He called on his doves to guide him, and he'd say
    "I have need of my fair and rude lovers.
    I must find the path that will secure me a bay

    Where I can soon deboard and govern."
    The doves led him to a resplendent beach
    Filled with a tisane of fragrant low trees
    And Noah for their trouble held to one of peach

    And there put for them a house filled ...
  5. Electricity!!!