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  1. Some Loose Observations on the Rule of Law

    Government supports the Rule of Law.

    A republic runs on the Rule of Law.

    A judiciary presumes the Rule of Law.

    The Rule of Law is, by definition, fallible.

    The Rule of Law is integral to a constabulary.

    The Rule of Law is essential in a modern society for keeping the peace. It rests with the prescription of rights to sustain. It does not rest with the proscription of privilege to adhere.
  2. My Stash

    It has been a long time since I was able to get new books and so I was quite happy when I had the oppertunity to go to one of my favortie book sales.

    So here is my damage:

    Monsoon ~ Wilbur Smith
    The Awakening ~ Kate Chopin
    Sophie's World ~ Jostein Gaarder
    The Portable Stephen Crane
    The Boleyn Inheritance ~ Philippa Gregory
    Love for Lydia ~ H.E. Bates
    The Outsider ~ Richard Wright
    Nine Stores by J.D Salinger
  3. True Perspective Tried

    The Philosophical

    Philosophy is like a pigeon;
    It consults and approaches
    From within to without its legion
    And walks indifferently from that which it broaches.
    A single pigeon makes its point
    On reality-based ground;
    It pushes out of joint
    What stakes the grounds surround.
    A pigeon will not risk its roost
    To a less conventional bird;
    It saves the nesting as a boost
    To filter down the absurd.
  4. Echo

    Walking in the moonlight,
    Peaceful starts like the flying notes,
    Shining over my head,
    Guide me to the eternity.

    The familiar voice,
    I recognize for centuries,
    Echo to my soul again.

    On the way toward the light,
    Hope cherished in the hand,
    The back dim in the darkness,
    Isolator linger along the path,
    To find the silence,
    Who is around everywhere,
    And whose beauty never be known.
    My poems
  5. Lamenting Winter's Death

    It is finally.....FINALLY raining.

    I only hope that it lasts. California was bad enough with its stupid annoying "mild" weather, and being warm and sunny


    But with Global Warming it has been utterly impossible. This winter has been just horried, freaking 70 degeres in January....stupid sun shining when it should be dark and overcast and raining.


    We don't even get as many thunderstorms as we use,
    Soulful Insights