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  1. Iraq after the occupation of 2003 and democracy

    Iraq after the occupation of 2003


    I myself served as a private soldier in the Iraqi army during the Iraqi-Iranian war, from 1982- 1989.
    I worked as a medical staff but I shared virtually in many battles that took place from north to south of Iraq, the more important battle is the liberation war of the Faw-district recovering again to the Iraqi authority from Persians in 1988, closely I saw all of the taken place battles there.
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  2. 20 proverbs of mine

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    1- Eat as you like but wear as others like.
    2- If you want to be obeyed, ask what could be played.
    3- They asked the mule, who is your father? The mule answered my uncle is the horse.
    4- Whatever you like is never you dislike.
    5- Regard the possible and the impossible will regard thee.
    6- Respect the dog for the sake of its owner.
    7- If the stones are dollars, dogs worth nothing.
    8- Do as possible as you can, and do not ask
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  3. Fine

    by , 08-28-2009 at 12:44 PM (A Ramble through Smilie Land)
    So tried the other way of getting an idea for a poem and going with it as opposed to words that say write me write me and here we go.
    __________________________________________________ __

    Busy again today?
    And tomorrow and next week too?
    Man you are busy!
    Well maybe Iíll catch you later,
    You know me anytimeís fine.

    SO you donít want to talk to me?
    Donít want to be my friend?
    Well thatís fine too!

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