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  2. On sharing a bath with Ted Hughes

    by , 10-26-2008 at 11:13 AM (Reflections on the puddle of life)
    Maybe it is just me, but I like to read poetry in the bath! It's so relaxing to slip into a lovely hot bubbly bath, surrounded by the weak light of candles and the company of a good poet. Recently I was lucky enough to get hold of a good collection of Ted Hughes's poetry from my secondhand bookshop, so a couple of nights ago I sank down into the water and discovered one of Britain's best modern poets, and perhaps one of the most contraversial due to his infamous and destructive relationship with ...

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  3. And the body drops

    Hahaha, ok that was just too hysterical. So my "little frined" in response to my counter-argument against his accusations that I am rasist, continues to try and put words in my mouth I did not say, and continues to go out of his way to misunderstand me.

    But the best part is, he says he calls upon me to retract my statements?

    HA! Or what?

    He has zero power and authority over me. What is he going to do if I do not retract my statements?
  4. Quotes from my Neice

    My sister sent me some quotes she thought I would appericate from my neice. Who at the age of 3 is just like me.

    To Jason:
    "I'll dream about you...(everyone sighs at how cute that is)...getting hurt by spiders."

    At the toy store, admiring a fire truck:
    "Jesus! I never realized they had one of these before!"

    To me:
    "I like to wear black."

    To a Music Class teacher in front of a big group
  5. If you die

    I just loved this quote from the previews of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still

    If the planet dies you die, if you die the planet survives

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