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  1. A Blank Page Like A Lover

    A Blank Page Like A Lover

    Like a lovers arms waits the blank page
    ink a stain upon its pure white face
    as words unfurl the heart starts to race
    and fingers curl like toes in a grip of rage.

    Flushed with heat thoughts and paper engage
    to the pounding rhythm of blood pumping set a pace
    like a lovers arms waits the blank page
    ink a stain upon its pure white face.

    In fevered writing words break free from their
    My Poetry
  2. Found Poetry

    by , 06-10-2010 at 07:27 PM (the ocean always dreamed blue dreams)
    I wrote the following with ideas, words and phrases from "Harrison Bergeron," "The Scarlett letter," and "The Most Dangerous Game." I've always loved the name Diana Moon Glompers.

    Diana Moon Glompers
    was an incomparable beauty
    who once came to a crossroads
    and chose the one,
    that was in the west,
    a bloody red

    and in the name of equality she
    wielded her weapon in favor
    of the dull, the average, ...
  3. Silence of the Night

    Silence of the Night

    Dusk falls upon the forest, fading last light,
    a gentle hush stirs the air, moves without sound,
    nocturne woods come to life in stillness of night,
    the wind a sigh of breath with owl wings bond
    through descending darkness taking silent flight,
    feather touch sends ripples of awe that resound,
    the moon keeps vigil from her throne above,
    her light descends on the wings of a dove.

    Moth wings whispered
    My Poetry
  4. being a loner

    by , 06-10-2010 at 12:15 PM (day in a life)
    I have always been a loner and it definetly is by choice. I have always had just one or two very close friends but hardly any contact with other people unless I have to. Living with my boyfriend I had constant companion with a person very different from me and with whom I could share nothing. but now that relationship is over I find a need to chat with my (literally) only friend. the problem is, I am not her only friend.

    Thinking about my teenage years I find the best of them being ...
  5. Pictures of Matthew

    Ok, it's been highly requested and finally the circumstances allow me to post pictures of Matthew Jacob.

    First let me say, the baby house dresses him in multiple layers and with a head covering despite the temperatures being in the 90's F (32+ C) here.

    Here is Matthew the day he came back from the hospital.

    And here on a play swing in play room.