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  1. what I'm reading

    "The First Men in the Moon" and other misc. works by H.G. Wells.
  2. Which Beliefs?

    by , 03-06-2016 at 10:40 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    I just made the mistake of clicking on a suggested video on YouTube; it is about strange religions. Just before that I watched one about secret societies. These were very inspiring. Most of the secret societies arenít secret; although a few were interesting in times past, especially the Knights Templar.

    The Templars have certainly created a long lasting stir. They were controversial eight hundred years ago, and they still are, but they were dissolved, and in many cases killed. The ...

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  3. How was my Christmas?

    by , 02-29-2016 at 02:36 PM (Barmy Blue's Bland Blog)
    So. Iím back online. Not that I was ever actually offline. I finally gave in and created a Microsoft account, more fuss than it needed to be, and now Iím giving Office a one month trial. I donít really see the point of the newer things. I only really use Word but never mind. Iíve put in a request for Office for my birthday so weíll see how it goes. If It doesnít then Iíll just have to get it myself at some point.

    So. How was my Christmas? Well. Steadily fading from memory. The run ...
  4. Are They Slaves?

    by , 02-26-2016 at 05:11 PM (Memories of the 28th Century)
    I am working on rewriting a novel, so I picked up a known good novel to determine whether my novel is any good. The comparison is with Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut. I read Player Piano a fair number of years ago, but I couldnít remember much detail about it; in general it is about technological displacement of workers. It was published in 1952, so some people might think it is out of date, but the same issues are still current. People are still being required to be over-trained for all positions, ...
  5. what I'm reading

    "Lady Chatterley's Lover" by D.H. Lawrence.