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  1. Ancient Evenings

    I am not sure what first inspired me to do this

    My Art
  2. mmm... Gladiator

    Okay so we've got a project due in Latin. Here's Beebs' criteria:
    70 Recipe Book
    You are to go online and search the internet for recipes and make a cookbook of 10 recipes that the Romans would have eaten. Five of those recipes should be researched and 5 should be your own creation. The cookbook should be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
    30 Reaction Paper
    You are to write a 2 page (size 12, times new roman, double spaced)
  3. Hablas espanol - anyone?

    He sent me this poem but Google mucked up the translation. For one it says he's a girl - (-:

    Seré yo el joven que hace sus sueños dulces como la hidromiel?
    O es el igneo destello de sus ojos al recordarme el acusador?
    Quién es el mas bravo pirata para juzgar mi sín razón,
    que llevandola en mi almohada la pienso como un don...?

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  4. Cursoe

    I have been watching, and well currently still am watching Crusoe and so far I am loving it, and the scenrey is amazing. Becasue it is a show I like it will probably end up being cancelled but I will enjoy it while it lasts, becasue it is really cool so far.

    oh and Pirate Women = AWSOMENESS!!!!
    Random Musings
  5. The Reason I Haven't Blogged Lately...

    The reason I haven't blogged lately is simple...

    Okay... I am done exploding.

    I had...

    1. 12 pages notes to copy (Latin)
    2. 1 hr Cello Practice nightly
    3. Short story (Pre-AP English)
    4. 8 critical thinking Q's (Bio Honors)
    5. 2 chapters of Biology to outline (Bio Honors)
    6. 1 Powerpoint (AP World)
    7. Extensive research on torture (AP World)
    8. 2 articles to write (Journalism)
    9. 30 math problems (Geometry) nightly
    10. 1 Mapping Activity