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  1. My Twilight Zone

    The wierdest thing just happend. I was putting away left-overs from dinner, and I had one container with some corn in it, and another with mashed potatos, and I went to get the lids for the containers. And I am 100% certain I put the lid on the mashed potats first becasue I remember picking it up and snapping the lid on and than I turned around to put the lid on the corn, and the lid was already on it. And I just stood there looking at like, ok I know I picked up the mashed potatos container first. ...
    Beyond Reality
  2. Thomas

    Thomas... playing with staple guns during maze construction for the Halloween Howl a year ago. He's so easily amused. ^^

    This is how he'll dress when he kills me repeatedly for the Howl this year. I, for the record, am being forced into a wedding dress.
  3. Origins of the Sonnet (Shakespearian, Petrarchan, what are they all about?)


    This is an emended version that I posted in the lesson plans section of this site.

    The sonnet has always been difficult for many people to describe. If you ask what a sonnet is, most people would probably reply “a fourteen line poem”. Many poets would call a fourteen line poem a quatorzain just to distinguish it from a sonnet proper, whatever that actually is. Some may even add that it was a ‘fourteen line poem’ in iambic pentameter. In fact the sonnet
  4. you have GOT to visit this site

    Free Music

    Not necessarily mainstream, but GOOOOOOOD!!! I've found sooooooo many new songs on this site, for free, nothing to subscribe to or programs to download!! It's great!
  5. Dreamland


    Softly sleeping
    dreams whisper in my ear
    and I have stepped into a world
    surrounded in the surreal.

    Drifting the clouds above
    I wonder through a veil
    floating like a sheet
    while it blows within the wind

    Surrounded by beauty
    untouched while it unfolds
    before me.

    I am surrounded
    and I am haunted
    while I thought I would wake
    such soft lips
    My Poetry