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  1. What's Your Opinion??

    I enjoy Lit Net. I don't post much because I don't consider myself that smart, but I sure do enjoy reading the opinions of others.


    In my youth, there was a group of us that would get together to drink beer and play Risk. We'd listen to rock music on the radio. We'd cut up. It was fun. I recall one instance where a song came on the radio and I stated that I really enjoyed that band. This fellow across the table says to me, "Opinions are ...

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  2. Community Recreational Center

    by , 10-02-2008 at 03:55 PM (Diary Of A Shadow)
    Recently I have become more lonely and alone.

    I say more lonely and alone because I haven't had any actual friends in five years.

    My entire social life can be packaged and defined on the internet as my only social interaction is the internet itself.

    So I have joined community group sessions at the local community recreational center which is public but even more important it is free.

    ( Plus they have free coffee and meals. Can't beat ...

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  3. Writing A Book.

    by , 10-02-2008 at 03:33 PM (Diary Of A Shadow)
    For anyone interested I am a ametur writer hoping to publish a book in about six years time.

    At the moment I am re-writing Plato's republic to fit the perspective of nihilism in which Thrasymachus relentlessly criticizes Socrates on the topic of true justice non-existing.

    I personally think that in the original republic written by Plato Thrasymachus got a bad rap through the author's bias so it was from there that I got the idea that Thrasymachus may of been the first ...
  4. Darn it, summer's over!!

    by , 10-02-2008 at 02:04 PM (Captain Pike's Ship Log II)
    Autumn, a time for harvest; a time to review the year's proceeds.

    If you are a maple leaf or a person with any money in the US stock market then maybe, FALL is more the operative word. Or maybe when the Great Spirit shuts one door, she reveals a couple open windows.

    This is technically Little Miss Wonderful's last day on the job. She has ...

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  5. Paul Klee pt. 2

    Poetry- Klee was certainly inspired by poetry... read poetry... even wrote poetry... but his works also have a constant poetic strain that runs through them. Like a great lyrical poem they are often quite small in scale, and yet display a heightened sensitivity to the most subtle nuances of visual form. The images themselves are often quite suggestive in symbolic or metaphoric ways... rather than illustrative or illusionistic.

    Klee also made great use of the poetic title. While many ...