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    The reason we experience disasters and wars is not because there is not deeper intention behind the forces of nature, it is merely evidence of the difference of the quality of our individual and collective intention and the quality of intention behind the laws governing nature, called Light. That sentence is almost a quote, but I think it states it wonderfully. Sri Aurobindo said, "The earliest formula of Wisdom promises to be its last, -- God, Light, Freedom, Immortality." In truth, nature is bringing us toward our perfect state. We econmpass all the states of life below us; the desire of all inanimate life-- rocks, the desire of all plants on earth, and also the desire of all animals. So we affect all of creation, depending on how similar or disimilar our qualities are to the force which created us. You cannot say thers no force which created us-- if you are naturalist and say there is nothing spritual beyond nature, are you denying that nature is spiritual? Life force is the force which created us-- the same life force of the whole universe, from the very beginning and until the end. So whether or not we can experience truth doesn't depend on whether there is a God, we can know without any reference to God that we are part of the life-force of the universe; and as part of it, we can help guide it toward whatever the goals of evolution might be.
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    I just got a new computer with Vista, had XP prior, so making the transition is a bit tricky, at times. I need some of the software that I had installed on my old broken down computer. I haven't lost it, but the tech dept taking off the files from my old HD, will not save the software for me. I will definitely look into this website for help and to answer some basic questions and find out where to acquire the correct software downloads. Thanks, jgweed!
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    Yes it is. There are many really knowledgeable people who spend some free time helping others with problems. Being a part of this effort has always been something of which I take pride.
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    I have begun this list primarily for my own use here at Litnet (in the absence of Firefox bookmarks), and will continue to add links. Hopefully I will categorise them in the future so they will be useful to other Members.
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    You are a wealth of help, Mr. Weed. Thanks.
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    Hey jgweed, thanks a lot. That's a great place to get help.