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  1. FallingWings's Avatar
    Amazing poem! Just thought I should let you know, though, that you said "dormat" when I think you meant "dormant."
  2. Anza's Avatar
    This is really pretty. Why has no one commented on it before?
  3. downing's Avatar
    Gorgeous haikus! You're veeeeeeeeery talented and I'm lookigng forward to more!!!!!
  4. downing's Avatar
    You create amazing pictures and eveything flows miracullously...
  5. downing's Avatar
    WOW! Wasn't this fabulous?! Loved it!!!!! It seemd to me like some Anna Karenina plot - the adulteress and the cheated husband...Haha,just an idea....but the poem was just perfect!
  6. littlewing53's Avatar
    hi kiz...thanks for stopping by...
  7. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Your poem takes us from a wild storm to a calm and serene scene ... very cool. I also like the pics you post with your prose, you always pick such good ones!
  8. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Awesome stuff -- I LOVE haiku! My favorite of these posted today would have to be the third one about the fox. Why? Because how true, how true! (we see them here, so you really hit home with me today). Cheers and happy holiday, my friend!
  9. NikolaiI's Avatar
    Absolutely lovely poetry and a lovely picture!!!
  10. NikolaiI's Avatar
    Hehe, what is he angry for? I aboslutely love this, lw! Nik
  11. littlewing53's Avatar
    hi kizzo....i love the piano...always wanted to go back to playing but have yet to makes me like you even more kuz you play...
  12. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Your title ties this beautifully! Enjoyed it, LittleWing. AND, as a piano player, I'd have burst into the Chopin Marche Funerale just for his benefit (but then that would be bratty).... oh well...
  13. 's Avatar
    Lovely haiku's littlewing, no.2 is especially touching.
  14. Virgil's Avatar
    These are marvelous haikus, littlewing. Such wonderful lines. Especially, "without a weight or worry," "purity painted perfect," and "the tender tune of twilight." Beautiful.
  15. littlewing53's Avatar
    ok it's a new day...and now i feel real silly..thanks for the good thoughts you guys...didn't think it would hit me so hard...i knew it was coming...young, old...geez....all i know is for the first time in a long time i am going to be living alone and i can't wait yet i'm gonna miss the big kid...whose going to shovel all this snow!!!...did it myself yesterday...nearly killed me...ok, i am woman hear me roar...i did it all by myself!!!
  16. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Bittersweet. Hugs to you, my friend, for letting go, it is the only thing to do. As for age ... ummmm irrelevent?
  17. Virgil's Avatar
    Goodness, I thought you were a lot younger. Pretty haikus.
  18. Countess's Avatar
    Awh,so sad. )-;
  19. andave_ya's Avatar
    Yeah, same here. But I love the continuity of it. Very nice!!
  20. B-Mental's Avatar
    I like these littlewing, but I have to admit I thought you were a little younger.
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