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    "Marvel have proudly announced that they're going to make Thor a woman"

    Growing up my friends and I all had favorite superheroes. I had Ironman, which turned out to be somewhat prophetic since he was an engineer and a capitalist, and in contrast to the Hollywood movies which softened his image, he was very much a pro-military type of guy, which I loved. One of my close friend's favorite superhero growing up was and still is Thor. Oh this is going to be such fun at our next BBQ when all the guys sit around swilling beer and making fun of the transgendered Thor. Frankly this is idiotic, but what the hell, society has gone down the tubes anyway. I might as well have fun with it.
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    Yeah the name is one of the things which bugs me about Captain America, and I don't much care for the 4th of July either. Haha I know I will be ostracized for saying this, but I have just never been patriotic.
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    Didn't the Falcon appear in the Winter Soldier? I didn't see it either. I've never exactly been very fond of Captain America either, the name always seemed so obnoxious somehow. I wonder if it's because I'm not American. I'm not too big on the 4th of July either, since it doesn't really have as much significance for us.
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    I heard about the having the Falcon become Captain America. It seemed odd to me to have one Superhero turn into another Superhero. And though I know I don't read the comics, I remember cartoons as a kid and I always liked the Falcon (in part because I am partial to birds of prey in general) but Captain America has never been a favorite of mine (didn't see any of his movies).

    Hmm I wonder if I would see a Falcon/Captain America movie if they made one.
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    Thanks for commenting. I was getting a little anxious about this entry and was thinking of deleting it.
    I've since read what the news post on Marvel's website actually said, which was really hard because it kept crashing, not sure if that's me or the site but I think it's a problem at my end.
    It sounds like a female will be taking up the mantle of Thor and not that Thor himself will somehow become a woman. The information of other sites is a little sketchy so I didn't know that at the time. But my point still stands. Another thing that I forgot to mention is that along with this announcement Marvel also announced that they're going to make Captain America black which also seems to have received negative criticism. But there is an actual story to it. It seems that the original Captain America will have something happen to him that will prevent him from being a super hero anymore so his friend, the Falcon, an already well established super hero, will take up the Captain America mantle. But I'm not sure this change will sit so well with fans of either character. Also Marvel have stated that this will not affect the films, well at least not yet, but who knows what the future will bring.
    That which has been before was far from perfect. Attitudes to things were different when these characters were designed. That's just how it was. You don't change it. You improve it. You make something new and fresh that meets all of the modern criteria. You make something new that represents now. Sure, you revamp a character but you don't change them completely.
    Ah. This was a bit long. Sorry.

    Also, Fifth, there is already an existing female Hulk. She's called She-Hulk and she's the cousin of Bruce Banner, I remember her from the cartoon series. Her name is Jennifer Walters.
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    A few minutes ago I remembered another elimination of a people by a competing people. Rather than giving a truncated version of the story, I'll plan this as a future post.
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    I admit I am not a big Comic Book reader (though I am starting to delve into the reading of some graphic novels) but I love the movies based on comic books, and Thor is one of my favorites considering I am partial to Norse Mythology. When I read this I had the same thought as Fifth, instead of turning Thor into a woman, which makes no kind of sense why not just create a character based upon Freyja. Or a Valkyrie would make an awesome superhero.

    It seems dumb to just redefine their original established characters instead of creating brand new characters to try and appeal to a wider market. It also seems like if they keep altering older characters they will begin to lose their audience because old fans will start to get ticked off.
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    I agree Blue, the whole idea smacks of tokenism. Instead of creating a new, well formed and well rounded (not just in the chest department) female character they take a well known male character and give it boobs. So in essence it is the same character - how does that represent women? It's lazy and dumb and they're fooling no one. Why not introduce a series of comics based around the character of Frigg or Freyja if they need to widen the appeal and (let's face it) access the purses of female readers. Turning an established character female doesn't make the genre less sexist or address the problem of ethnic bias. And why Thor? It would be easier to swallow if it wasn't a character whose identity was formulated in ancient myth; maybe a female Hulk or a Iron Woman. Why not introduce an Athena or a Hera? It's a pathetic move, more motivated by economics than a genuine desire to more fairly represent women in the genre.
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    I wish I'd seen your comments sooner! thanks so much, you three
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    Virgil - the doodles seem to be pretty even tempered and playful. Make sure you have time for one!
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    Having the ability to reformat the human "hard drive" is one improvement that we should develop. If humans are only living until they are a hundred, or so, it doesn't make much difference, but after five hundred or a thousand years cleaning out the old memories will be important, especially for the small-minded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkin337
    but you are still burning fossil fuels in a steam engine which is kind of the problem. EV's aren't a solution either as electricity production is still largely non-renewable and hugely polluting, as is the production process for the batteries.
    SO I'd still be burning fuel, but I wouldn't be using coal, which is a fossil fuel; I'd use petroleum or gas, and those are producing as part of the subduction of plates, and they are being constantly replenished as more crust and ocean bottom is subducted. It will be better when we go back to using horses, but that won't be until after the really great pandemic, but that should be soon.
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    but you are still burning fossil fuels in a steam engine which is kind of the problem. EV's aren't a solution either as electricity production is still largely non-renewable and hugely polluting, as is the production process for the batteries.
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    I know. That's the thing about the real world; If it didn't already exist, no one would ever be able to dream it up.
  15. Pumpkin337's Avatar,_Inc.

    but their list of partners reads like a whose who of companies some one who was a conspiracy theorist for the new world order would make up
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