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    Yn the town where I live nearby finding a used computer is hard. Once, when I had 300 bucks in my pocket we went to many pawn shops to see if they had computers for sale. We found 2. On one the screen was damaged and it had a lot of blind spots. The other had dents in the body. I almost bought this one, but chickened out. I live in the Boondocks of Mexico and the nearest big town is a long, long drive away. But I'm saving my coins and will solve this problem soon. Thanks for all the advice you gave me!
  2. PeterL's Avatar
    You should look at used computers. i haven't looked recently, but there were many available for a few hundred dollars, $200 to 400.
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    Yeah, you're right about a museum. I can't do downloads, Can't do updates on software. Can't do much of anything. I'm surprised I can get online. Here in Mexico I tried to buy a new computer on payments at Coppell and they said I was too old to do so. I'd be dead before I made all the payments. Jeez. But maybe some day... In the meantime I'll just keep tapping away on this keyboard. Just finished a new Short Story: The Love of Children. I like it. Take care.
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    You'd have to replace the OS to change the language. The OS probably is CP/M and that's 35 years old. If it has internal storage (a hard drive), then you might be able to use some version of DOS, but it would be easier not to change anything. It really should be in a museum.
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    Sorry about that. It was made in 1978. It's an Intel Atom with Dell printed on the outside. Rather small screen. Other than using it to get online, I only use the word software for my writing efforts. Although someone here uses it to store and print photos. In the past I've had a number of MACs. I really miss MACs. But I get my work done, and since it looks like a toy computer maybe no one will steal it. When I leave the Rancho it's easy to hide. My only real complaint is that the Display is in Spanish instead of English. I've spent some money for promises to fix that to no avail. So I gave up. Having the OS in Spanish really slows me down. Oh well...
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    Thirty-seven years old!!!!! That means it is from 1978. There weren't many things that were like personal computers then. The first Personal Computer was still a few years in the future. What make is it? TI? Radio Shack? What processor does it run on?
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    Thanks for getting back to me, PeterL. Believe it or don't but my computer is 37 years old and has no way to engage CD or DVDs. But if I ever get a new computer I'll take you up your advice. Many years in Mexico (different locations) resulted in having 4 excellent computers ripped off. Now I have one which is so limited, no one wants to steal it.
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    We don't often realise until we get older ourselves how much our parents influence us without being aware of it. It is always moving to hear of others who have had the same experience. Thanks for sharing, Helga.
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    CD's and DVD's are fairly reliable. some of them are bad right out of the box, but if they are O.K. then they will last for a long time. For long term storage these are the best choices. Flash drives are great for things that are in regular use, but they have to be backed up regularly.

    For finished written works cloud storage isn't a bad idea, because there isn't much that anyone would want to steal no credit card numbers, etc.
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    Thanks for writing this. It helped me a lot. I've been trying to figure out where to put my finished writing projects. I'm saving my money to get an attached hard drive, since I've lost faith in USBs. Any opinions:
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