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  1. PeterL's Avatar
    Roundup is being accused of all sorts of mischief, and it probably is guilty on most charges. Apparently there is some evidence that it is responsible for many people starting to claim to be sensitive to gluten. I haven't looked recently, but several months ago there was no sign of studies to determine how guilty Roundup is.

    Apparently there have been some studies:

    I am sorry to learn that will not be returning. I hope that the Gods will treat you even better than you deserve.
  2. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Well... nice to see that someone else is indeed checking into this stuff! :-)
    I 'bore' my relatives/friends with these kinds of 'horror' stories.... it seems that the masses do not WANT to hear it. Well wake up people already!

    There is a chemical that is used WORLDWIDE in the so-called prevention of weeds, etc. in farmers fields and this stuff renders plants supposedly farmed for consumption as potential poisons. Yeah, money is made because the masses just do not want to hear this. And THEY are banking (doggone pardon the pun, lol) on this.

    See ya in the next life...
  3. kiz_paws's Avatar
    How exquisite, Steph.
    Loved it. :-)
  4. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Well, Bluebiird, you are my dental heroine. No fillings, not much tooth cleaning and whole 13 years without seeing a dentist.
    My great trauma with dentists are long treatments that as we say here in Brazil "hurt in the pocket". Dental treatments here are usually private. I f you donīt have the money you have to clean your teeth very well, or else resign yourself to having bad teeth and eventually losing them.
    I went to the dentist last year. She taught me how to clean the teeth and use floss correctly. Since then, I clean the teeth after every major meal, use floss in the morning and in the evening and no gum problems any more.