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    Thank you so much- I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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    The people with attention spans of squirrels seldom read newspapers; they aren't the ones who ran to other media. I think that most people who used to read newspapers look at multiple sources now, because there are multiple sources available. The online versions of newspapers are more designed for squirrels than the paper versions were, but I don't blame consumers of news; I blame the corporations that are trying to get rich from selling news. Those people think that therir audience are squirrel-brained, so they produce stories that may be set in suitable places but are semiliterate and most of the facts are wrong. That may entertain the squirrels, but those of us who were accustomed to getting information from news outlets are annoyed.
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    The sad state of journalism, particularly here in America is a reflection of society itself; with so many people having the attention span of squirrels, in depth investigative/reflective/introspective journalism isn't profitable. The best such reporting I've read of late, is by Welsh journalist/humorist Jon Ronson... he often takes a few years to complete a book, and it shows. Nor does he place himself above the subject matter or force square pegs in to round holes, making the facts fit a preconceived notion, often being forced to change his views as interviews and information come to light. I wish there were more journalists of his wit and humor, and fearlessness.
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