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    Peace be on all.
    The exact count of participants was 38300.

    Follow up from media:

    More than 30,000 Muslims have gathered over the past three days at Oakland Farm in Alton, Hampshire
    The Worldwide Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community led them in a vow of peace and obedience
    .............................. delegates also reaffirmed their rejection of violence and extremism

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    No thanks to them. But I am happy in my life and more than blessed.
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    If your nuisance is birds singing, then I think that you should be very happy.
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    Well, the birds here are really loud, Peter. There are many cardinals so there's not only that rolling chirping but also this weird metallic sliding sound. I love to listen to them in the late afternoon, but I prefer the relative silence of the early morning to their urgent assertions of sexual territory (or whatever's so important that they have to sing about it). My neighbor's dogs start barking around 6:00, and that's a good sound if you're already awake. The birds can say what they like after that. But earlier in the morning I find them a (moderate) nuisance. But for some reason I don't mind the frogs that sing late into the night. Peepers mean it's not winter yet. Maybe that's it.
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    The chirping of birds at first light is as effective as "transcendental silence", and maybe more so. I idn't say that I like the sound of distant garbage trucks, but they sound better in the distance than they sound when one is right beside one.
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    Come now, only transendental silence will awaken the inner PeterL.

    I have to say, as a fellow New Englander, that there is one kind of noise pollution that I find enjoyable, even moving, and that is the distant sound of a train whistle on a cold winter's night. But garbage trucks? Okay, you've got a point.
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    While computers are one of the reasons for chatter in libraries, I think that talking was becoming more common even before. I have also noticed that some librarians are not polite, but I think that has become part of the training, and they think that they are above interacting with non-librarians, which might be why they don't silence the ill-mannered and inconsiderate people.

    The victims of the local foxes and the foxes themselves remain quiet when a fox takes a meal, so I have never heard such a blood-curdling scream. It would be better than the distant clangs of garbage trucks.

    I insist upon being aware of what is going on around me, so earplugs are out.
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    I think the thin edge of the wedge in libraries has been internet access. When school lets out (at least where I live), the teenagers socialize around the machines and are not told to knock it off (except by me). Then they look shocked and hurt and sometimes leave. I get the feeling no one (including parents) has ever told them to be considerate of others. There is a special reading area, and people are silent there, but aside from that space, they mostly just talk. And librarians are rude now, too, but I guess that's another gripe.

    I wake up before the birds and frankly find their morning prattle a little irritating. I know you're not supposed to, but I do. We've had a fox lately and it killed something early the other morning--I think a rabbit. You've never heard such a blood-curdling scream in your life. It put me right off the Lord's Prayer. Heh heh. Nature? Humbug!

    One cure for noise pollution, by the way, is to wear earplugs. They are cheap and comfortable and effective, although they do not stand up to multiple uses. I have to take them out when strangers talk to me, and somehow they always seem a little offended. Perhaps they suspect my misanthropy. Nah, they usually don't seem all that perceptive. But I guess nobody likes to be left alone in the sound soup.
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    This morning I mentioned to the barista at Starbucks that m new blog post had been inspired, in part, by that place. she asked what it was about, then she stepped a few feet away to pour my refill, and I said, "Noise.' she turned back and said, "What was that?"
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    I am sensitive to noise too and I live right near a place where music shows and political meetings are held. The sound is always amplified, so I hear everything as if the meeting was held in the drawing room.