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  1. novel #9 is complete

    Just finished the initial draft, and ahead of time. Will require re-reading and proofing by a third party; I expect to have it online early next year.
  2. what I'm reading

    Just started "The Spy" by J.F. Cooper...
  3. a milestone of sorts

    Just noticed my first online sale ever (not attributed to a well-meaning friend) occurred back in October. I guess that's SOMETHING!
  4. Unusual request

    I've tried advertising in the past in other venues, but no luck so far. I'm interested in finding a spokesperson [literally?] or performing avatar to recite my poetry in public settings. I'm a terrible presence, and my declamatory talents are weak. You don't need to be in the DC area--any exposure is decent exposure! Anyway, if you are a bored actor or actress and you love reciting in clubs, this might work for you.
  5. The thrill of being admitted!

    Ah, at last my probation period of 30 days is over and I may make a nuisance of myself by posting to my own blog. Hello, fellow micro-cosmonauts!

    I think I will use this introductory post to give a "state of the art" summary.

    My 9th novel is 75% complete and the initial draft should be done by my self-imposed deadline of December 31.

    I continue to fritter away spare moments by dashing off poetry and short-short stories, which have been appearing ...
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