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  1. Part 27

    Here is another bit to my story. It is going slow, but it is going. Enjoy!

    “Can I get you anything Lady Arabella?” Nechemya called to Arabella as she began to move about in the other room, “I believe I can find you a nice tray of food and something to drink.”

    “That would be much appreciated. What happened to calling me Bella? I thought you agreed to not call me Lady except for when you must.

    “I am sorry Bella, habits are much harder to break than ...
  2. The Prince

    I just finished reading [I]The Prince[/I] for the first time in maybe ten years. It is amazing to me the difference in view that the time has made. I remember the first time reading it, I was horrified by some of the tactics and the dishonesty that Machiavelli encouraged. I believed then, and I still believe now, that Machiavelli held a belief that all men are inherently evil. While I use the term evil quite loosely, I find that he did not believe in the goodness or honesty of people. The only ...
  3. For Mothers

    Happy Mothers day to all of the moms here on LitNet. It's a little early, but as I'll be getting the Mommy treatment tomorrow, I figured today was as good as any to say it:D

    So here's my list of the top ten things that let you know you're a mom.

    1. You don't remember what it is like to sleep through an entire night. Sure the kids are older, but you sill wake up at 2:30 out of habit.

    2. You know all the bodily fluids that children can produce, and ...
  4. Part 26

    Next Chapter

    “Perhaps I should go and be certain that Bella is well,” Allarick was already rising from the table as he spoke to his sister. Philomina had managed to contain him for the majority of the meal, but he had decided that he could wait no longer.

    “If you must go chasing after you mate then you have my blessing. She has had more time alone than what I would have guessed you could be persuaded to give her,” Philomina was laughing and shooing him from the ...

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  5. Part 25B

    The evening meal was well underway by the time that Arabella and Allarick joined everyone. Arabella couldn’t help but blush at the knowing glances people cast their way. A few people dared to jest at their Syine’s tardiness, but most seemed to be torn between anger and curiosity at her new position. She did not completely understand why there would be any anger over Allarick taking a mate, but she could feel the blaze of furious eyes upon her as they seated themselves at the head of the table. ...

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