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  1. Society of Satan- short story

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    Society of Satan

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad ( MMA)
    Iraq- Mosul

    In June 1984 I was gathering my packages of several stuffs which are mostly randomly stretched disarranged alongside the street waiting an actually forthcoming bus, which is accustomed to pass there later than other busses. The time of course is too hard for waiting more. That it is the last of June. Of course Basra and especially Faw district has much hotter
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  2. my novel - the dead sailor

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    [SIZE=5][COLOR="#000000"][COLOR="#000000"][COLOR="#000080"]A dead sailor

    A novel

    Written and translated by

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

    Mosul- Iraq

    Major characters:
    Ahmad the main character
    Hajji Jarjess Omar Rashid- the dead sailor
    The family of Hajji Jargess and his daughter:
    Abu Abbad the furnace owner
    The humpbacked man- partner of
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