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  1. The very educated Iraqi poetess "Farah Dos"

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    The very educated Iraqi poetess, Farah Dos

    I might blame myself because I didn't read to her only in the last days.
    I was familiar with her writings when I was suddenly surfing on the skies of Internet; there I noticed her noticeable name was published in many of biggest forums and websites.
    I would apologize not to her only but rather to the busy time I have had, which consumed all of my ability, as well as the general troubles, which come latter to our society.

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  2. Should it be an intelligence play?

    Should it be an intelligence play?
    Supposing that America invaded Iraq at 2003 under the pretext of WMD, why does America not invade Iran, which really has WMD?
    Supposing it under the pretext of releasing people from tyranny, why does America not go to Syria and releasing Syrians from their dictatorship?
    Many questions are ready in each one's mind to ask and if each one will rethink, giving to his mind back in the eye of reality to all incidents and gearing up
  3. Two poems : Aurora face \\ As a scorpion

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    poem - 2
    As a scorpion

    As a scorpion, you sting me
    To backbite once and flee
    I bear you as a sore inside my eye
    But you defame me as you want in lie.
    Shalt you turn the foe's hand?
    To be peevish as you dared
    And pretend to have forgotten my passion.
    Indeed then, you behave as a scorpion
    To dance over my sorrow as a strange
    Whereto had the temper of revenge?
    You blow the faith as if you are dead.
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