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  1. The hen that adopts ostrich's nestling-poem for children

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    The hen that adopts ostrich's nestling

    Written by

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

    The rooster sees a large egg one day
    It has two colours white and gray.
    He steals it from a poor bird's nest.
    When he comes back from another way

    * * * *

    The rooster asks the sparrow, is it yours?
    The sparrow astonishes and flees away.
    Staggering, cursing the occasion of that day
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  2. What remains in life?

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    What remains in life?

    Poem written by

    Mohammad Ahmad

    Iraq is the symbol of honour.

    Many years ago, I have claimed the victor
    Nothing had I taste but only the bitter.
    Your naked blossom appears as a shadowy olive tree.
    I wish I got rest at thy shadow and drank a cup of tea.
    Didn’t you tell me to look to the flying bird?
    Didn’t you see the falcon and you
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  3. Reading on Mesopotamia- written by Mohammad Ahmad

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    Reading on Mesopotamia

    Discussed and dialoged by

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

    Sargon enters the hall comes from distance.
    Sennacherib said to him welcome.
    They sat for a while.
    Three Assyrian girls entered and offering them dates and curdled yoghurt.
    Sennacherib: what do you think cousin, Sumerian in the south left nothing to us? The roads are closed and there is no additional to reach the south occasion.
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  4. Leaves of autumn - MMA - poems

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    Leaves of autumn

    Special poem written by

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

    O, lover who confined my way
    As a faded flower, the wind blows it away
    My eyes become sunken and drown deeply
    Sleepless nights damage them day after day

    Their caravan moved suddenly to the west
    I stand by the door scratch my wrist
    My elbow becomes necrosis since they leave
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  5. Scheherazade would tell…Mohammad Ahmad- lyric peoms

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    Scheherazade would tell…

    MMA- lyric poems

    Mosul – Iraq

    Scheherazade would relate her story
    Not to sultan's temper, turns worry.
    The unlucky girl perhaps wishes death!
    However, sultan struts in his glory…
    All night Scheherazade would talk.
    All her grace to Sultan would hock…
    Never was she grieved thirty years
    But from his scepter
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