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Mohammad Ahmad

It is social blog contains my preferred literature samples and something of my country politic affairs

  1. Christmas In Fallujah poem \ Criticism , analysis and translation

    Christmas In Fallujah
    Itís evening in the desert
    Iím tired and Iím cold
    But I am just a soldier
    I do what I am told
    إنه المساء في الصحراء
    أنا متعب وجسمي يقشعر
    ولكني جندي فحسب ...
  2. The very educated Iraqi poetess "Farah Dos"

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    The very educated Iraqi poetess, Farah Dos

    I might blame myself because I didn't read to her only in the last days.
    I was familiar with her writings when I was suddenly surfing on the skies of Internet; there I noticed her noticeable name was published in many of biggest forums and websites.
    I would apologize not to her only but rather to the busy time I have had, which consumed all of my ability, as well as the general troubles, which come latter to our society.

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