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  1. Christmas In Fallujah poem \ Criticism , analysis and translation

    Christmas In Fallujah
    Itís evening in the desert
    Iím tired and Iím cold
    But I am just a soldier
    I do what I am told
    إنه المساء في الصحراء
    أنا متعب وجسمي يقشعر
    ولكني جندي فحسب ...
  2. They blew it up yesterday

    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Ahmad View Post
    Yesterday it has been erected
    They blew it up
    Therefore, civilization should end
    Eid would come and no dress up
    Undressed you shall be
    O, Hadbaah
    The worshiping place to all
    A pious man and saint
    O, the minaret of a generous glory
    I cry you
    I bid you a farewell
    As a noble champion
    And you had in each year a memory.
    Ears got down
    Trodden by horses' hooves
    Reminiscence and aches
    And ever

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  3. Translating a very significant collection Arab poem ( Mu'lka Umru' al-Qais )- part 2

    41- إِلى مِثْلِها يَرْنو الَحليمُ صَبابَةَ إِذا ما اسبَكَرَّتْ بينَ درْعٍ ومجْوَلِ
    For ...
  4. Translating a very significant collection Arab poem ( Mu'lka Umru' al-Qais )- part 1

    Translating the poem of Umru' al- Qais
    Letís halt by a lover ruin

    This poem is one of the seventh or tenth poems, which so far called al-Mu'lakat, the poems which had been hanged over al-Kaaba walls, as they were the good selected poems of the ancient certain period a time of pre-Islam advent

    Pre Islam period i.e. the pagan period
    Translated to English by
    Mohammad Ahmad
    Iraq Ė Mosul

    Reading and review onto the poem ...
  5. My biography

    Of course I had a rural origin, have finished my primary school at a village nearer to ours about fifty Kilometers in the northern part of Mosul city on the left part of Tigris River towering over it as if this River is its own.
    There I had learned the swimming in the first period of youth ages.
    I didn't forget the day when our teacher of English put us at an unexpected exam and those who are my classmates -who are all larger than me-all of them failed in the exam and only me was succeeded

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