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  1. Its Been A Minute

    I can't believe the last time I logged in as Mortis Anarchy was in 2010!

    In 2010, I was a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma working towards a degree in online journalism. Well, I successfully completed my degree and I'm now a working journalist (but I have been called a half-baked journalist by the lovely people who comment on our website, so it might not count )

    I've thought about logging back in every once in a while, but things come up. Actually, ...
  2. Anarchy is Back. Oh No.

    Guess who is back!

    Life has been hectic & I'm sorry to say Lit. Net. was not on the top of my priorities. Bad Morty!

    Little Update on what has been driving me away from the amazing forum.

    I was asked by my journalism professor this semester to do undergraduate research on social media becoming a tool for "Citizen Journalists" as well as an advocacy tool. I'm a journalism major with a focus on multimedia/online. For that same class we have ...

    Updated 11-04-2010 at 10:09 PM by Mortis Anarchy

  3. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego??

    SO, I've been incredibly lazy about logging onto LitNet and other things since my first year of college ended. I got some great opportunities to travel and I didn't even hesitate in taking them. I've barely even back home and I'm already about to leave for Mexico next week! I am very excited. My Uncle died recently and ever since then my Grandmother has gotten ill. That isn't exciting, but I love visiting all my family down there. Hopefully I will be able to travel around, but I think it is more ...
  4. Nmf

    Norman Music Festival. Amazing. If all of you were from Norman, I would leave it at that. Unfortunately I think the majority of you missed out. But that is ok, because I am here to fill you in!!!

    Norman Music Festival is/was a free all day musical event (obviously) on 12 different stages all along Main Street. That is the boring part.

    Any fans of OF MONTREAL?!?!?! No?! Yes?! No doubt there are. Well they performed on the Main stage on Main (ha!). They performed so......aah, ...
  5. It's an octopus that hides the Easter eggs...

    I love weekends. They are completely devoted to nothing--but I always end up doing something. At the moment, I am trying to recover from the massive intake of food. Man, when I think about the meal I just demolished, my mouth starts salivating. What is a real Easter meal? I was just curious, because my mom and I cooked classic Mexican food. Carne Asada, queso Asadero with scallions, beans, homemade salsa and guac...oh man. PLUS! My mom made the best bread pudding in the world. I feel like napping, ...
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