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    There's two thoughts I have on why they might want your bladder full. The liquid inside might provide a contrast against what they are searching for. Or they want the bladder full so it's pressing and pushing other things inside up to the skin. Not sure if any of those are correct, but they came to mind.

    I love puns too and the fact they had a waterfall picture is just too funny. You should have mentioned it to the receptionist.

    I hope your results turn out well.
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    Hey Blue. Since you're a dog lover you might be interested in seeing the pictures i took at a visit to a wolf sanctuary. It's on my personal blog:

    That pie sounds wonderful. I've got to give a hint over to my wife to make one for us.
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    I totally hate those reality shows. In my opinion they are complete trash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qimissung
    Ah. Well that I cannot fathom at all. I've actually seen one of those. It was so boring.
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    I have to admit that I prefer socialising via the internet, although I object to social media. I actually have a Facebook account but I never use it. This is my only social interaction.
    I have time to review what I say before I say it and if what I've said and I can express myself better without fear or ridicule, even though I do just whine about irrelevant things.
    Then again, social anxiety does make socialising face to face with anyone tricky for me.
    Oddly enough, despite this, I'd rather go to a till with a person to buy things than an automated till. I absolutely hate those things. And they seem to hate me back. Kind of odd for someone who usually avoids face to face socialisation.
    Like I said. I'm strange.
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    It might be that YouTube, Twitter, facebook, etc give folks their "ten minutes of fame"... though I'm not really sure what the attraction is myself. I think the only times I've ever used YouTube is watching vids of people doing outrageously stupid (and usually dangerous) stunts, and finding old concert footage for the bands I listened to as a kid. The other guilty pleasure I have is reading the Darwin Awards books... chronicling those people who exit the gene pool in the most outlandish ways. And yeah, in my life there's been a couple of times I nearly became a honorable mention in the Darwin Awards... but I'm lucky. And who knows, perhaps *luck* is a part of the natural selection process.
    The problem I most have with the internet, is that we get time to compose our thoughts and formulate our conversation... compared to real life it sometimes feels much less spontaneous and dynamic.
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    So. Made the pie. It. Was. Epic. Even though the pastry did go a little wrong and it took longer to cook than is should have.
    Also I said something about Percy's winds. I meant wings. I'm too lazy to change it.
    Also. The slight personality changes were due to hormone fluctuations, they usually are, but I'll see if I can keep them. I'm surprised to find that I've kept up with my little exercise routine fro so long. Never thought I'd do that. I've got to the point now where I kind of miss it if I don't do it. So that's pretty good, I think.
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    Also the Youtube packages thing. I kind of get it and kind of don't. You get people who are just very excited about getting something they've been waiting for and they want to share that excitement. I'm not entirely sure why they want to waste time getting a camera of some kind to do it before they rip into the box because it's actually very boring to watch but maybe they've been talking about it a lot and their friends or followers are excited about it too. I don't know.
    We're genetically hardwired to be sociable creatures so I guess we're supposed to care about how other humans feel and to share our emotions over trivial things. The internet has kind of expanded that to kind of ridiculous levels but on the plus side I can socialise with other human beings that ordinarily I would never be able to socialise with so I won't start complaining about how the internet is ruining society or something.
    I guess everyone is strange, they just don't know it.
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    Don't get me wrong. I love some silly shows too. The kinds of shows I'm embarrassed to let anyone know that I watch them. Even shows that I was pretty down on, without actually having seen them, I've changed my mind when I happen to catch an episode.
    Although it turned out that way this post was never meant to be about "stupid" shows and "stupid" people watching them. I kind of got a little carried away with the ranting there.
    The TV thing was just an example of how I differ from other people and that everyone has preferences, and how I kind of really struggle to understand how some things can be classed as entertainment and therefore normal.
    Because, if you're not part of the group then you're seen as a freak and it's been that way my whole life. And if that's what people class as being normal then I don't want o be normal.
    I may be pretty alone but there are other eccentric people out there so I'm not as alone as I think.
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    Being "normal", or not normal isn't really the issue, methinks.
    I think everyone has their own demons, might be a lack of self confidence, depression, anger, fear, or any number of things holding a person back. It's a mistake to believe that because someone watches this television show, or reads that kind of book, that they are somehow inferior, or normal. Calling someone "normal", or "common" is the other term I've heard, is in my opinion a put down.
    And I watch a show called Impractical Jokers... and make no apologies, it's silly and I enjoy the heck out of it. Perhaps we're all more normal than we'd like to admit?
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    I kind of agree. Lately I've been wondering why it is I try so hard and see so little for my efforts. Is puzzlement. Then I go down, down for a few days, then, without doing anything differently, I'm in a good place for a while. I always think those are going to last. Lol.

    Did you know on YouTube there are hundred of videos of people simply unwrapping packages? I simply cannot fathom that.
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    I had a friend who discovered, after her father died, that she had a half brother she never knew about. As it happens he was in England during the war and that's where her brother was born and raised there.

    What a discombobulating thing to find out!
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    Well, it's not like our family is rich or anything. To tell the truth I'm more amazed to find out that Napoleon has two half sisters I never knew about. He's not exactly forthcoming with, well, anything really.
    I think it stems from the kind of time he grew up in. He was born in 1950. And I know, form what little he has told me, that things weren't exactly great for his family back then. Which I think explains the water thing. He's schooled in the make-do kind of way.
    When I first went to uni I took a selection pack of cereal for easy transport but I didn't have milk. So I did try dampening the cereal with tap water just a little so it wouldn't be too hard and dry. It worked tolerably for frosted shreddies but not for anything else. Of course, both Napoleon and his brother happily use water as a milk substitute for cereal. Not just a little. They use about as much as water as they'd use milk
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    It does sound like a con. And he puts water in his cereal? Yuck.
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    Oh now I see. It could be your thyroid. Yes, that would come up on a blood test and lead to an ultrasound. That makes sense. Thyroid issues run in my family, though luckily it by-passed me. My mother has thyroid issues and needs to take medication. Pasta salad goes better with grilled chicken than tuna.
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    Could the hospital have mixed you up with someone else? To just ask you to undergo an ultrasound out of the blue seems odd. I'm having a hard time trying to think of an malady that would be detected from a blood test and then require an ultrasound. I'm hoping for the best for you.
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    Oh I hope you're ok. I must have missed an earlier post on your ailment. I'll look back.
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    Of course your dream is not true, it is the very opposite of true, in fact. I hope you will look at yourself in the mirror-or something that I do-see yourself as a young child, and say the words she needs to hear, that you are brave and strong and creative and kind (or words to that effect. I hope you will banish that particular Ursula Monkton from your life now and forever. You are quite remarkable. I look forward to reading your book when it is published.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qimissung
    So mysterious. Why always does the medical profession shroud information about our bodies in such mystery or false benevolent cheerfulness.
    There is a good reason for it... the placebo effect.
    They call it a doctor's "bedside manner", and it's this doctor-patient relationship that's often integral to the treatment and recovery of someone who is injured or sick. Both Doctors and Pharmacists are trained to, for lack of a better term, "bull****" you.
    I recently read a science book on scientific anomalies and I was surprised to find out that some medications are inert or simply don't work well enough unless the patient knows they're taking the medication, and what exactly it will do for them. Think of it as "performance art", a good doctor understands how to behave around a patient in order to improve the outcome.

    And Bluebiird, hope things go better for you... hang in there and keep at it, perhaps as you say, it ends up being nothing serious.
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