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  1. qimissung's Avatar
    I'm awaiting the second part of your Christmas, Bluebiird. You always tell good stories. Although I didn't comment, I have read part one.
  2. Dev0tional's Avatar
    I do feel lost too,most def! I am stupefied by laziness.. I've been trying to be productive though and even write something like but nothing really came out
    Happy new year though! May your 2016 be really productive,unlike it's beginning)
  3. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    I use freeware Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice; both of which are rich in features you might be used to with Word. Until you can pony up for Word these would suit you well.

    The following link has both available for download:

    ... and a Lifehacker article:

    Happy New Year !

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
    tailor STATELY
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  4. Virgil's Avatar
    Would love to see pictures. Hope you feel better.
  5. Virgil's Avatar
    Good luck with it. I tried teaching myself the piano a number of years ago, and while I can't play I did learn enough to understand what's going on when I listened to piano music. Also lately I've been trying to get my son into music class for at least the piano but it's very hard to find a place for six year olds.
  6. Virgil's Avatar
    Always love reading your posts Blue. Here's a few thoughts as I read. (1) The weddings over at your side of the Atlantic sound very much like ours on this side, especially the over (2) If the bride is wearing a traditional wedding dress I can't see how anyone's attire would upstage it. Of course you probably didn't know if she would be wearing a traditional wedding dress. (3) As long as you follow basic etiquette, you are never insulting to a church, and certainly not by just being there. Most Christian churches are welcoming of everyone, even if they come from a different religion or no religion at all. Anyway, that's my experience, at least with my church. My wife is Jewish and she has been to many of my Catholic Church events and other than not knowing what's going on she has never felt uncomfortable. (4) Weddings are great. You get to see family you haven't seen and you get to celebrate with them. Lately I've been to a few funerals, and there it's also great to see family but unfortunately it's not a celebratory occasion.

    I haven't been on Lit Net much lately, but nice to hear from you Blue.
  7. Logos's Avatar
    Good luck with the guitar playing Bluebiird I think it's really great you're willing to give it a go.
  8. Virgil's Avatar
    I got freaked out from an itunes update a few months ago; maybe it was around the summer, I can't remember exactly when. The update had a bug in it and I couldn't access it. I went over to their online help desk and submitted my problem and then found there were tons of people with the same problem. As it turned out the update had a bug in it if you used Windows 7, or something like that. I can't remember exactly. But it went like that for over a week until they had a correction. And then it got fixed. I think my itunes is my most precious thing on my computer. I have over ten thousand songs and audio pieces (lectures and books) on it that would be irreplaceable. Happy birthday to your mother.
  9. qimissung's Avatar
    Your father is such a jerk. I'm glad you were able to rise above it so you could enjoy your Christmas.
  10. Virgil's Avatar
    Merry belated Christmas!
  11. Virgil's Avatar
    I've never come across the word "stroppy" before, and yet it's such a simple word. I needed to look it up. That's a cool word.
  12. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh Blue, I wish you and your father can find a means to have a positive father/daughter relationship. Sometimes it's best to ignore what alienates and build on what binds. At the bottom of it, all we have is family and some friends. Friends can come and go, but family is blood. From what I can tell, while he may not be the affectionate father and a person with his fair share of personality flaws, he seems to care about you. Best to you. I haven't been around in a while, so there may be an update somewhere.
  13. Virgil's Avatar
    Wow. Those are great. Have you thought about making them for a living? I especially love the spiders.
  14. Virgil's Avatar
    Titch looks great as does your candy. Mmm. If you're interested you can read about my son's Halloween. Nothing overwhelming but it has some nice pictures.
  15. qimissung's Avatar
    You should win an award every year for best Halloween candy ever! Tisch is adorable. He looks like a cat. Is he?
  16. qimissung's Avatar
    They are all delightfully creepy. I actually kind of shivered when I looked at the witch's fingers.
  17. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh gosh. That's horrible. I know that feeling of hopelessness when one panics and doesn't know what to do. Other than what napoleon told you to do, there wasn't much you could have done. Whether pricking the wallpaper open was a bad thing, I don't know. It would have had to happen at some point, and you might as well know the extent of the problem. So don't be down on yourself for that. Hope it gets repaired soon.
  18. Bluebiird's Avatar
    I've actually set aside a notebook just for that, but it takes a while to write it in detail. So far I'm only half way through my birth........
  19. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh I'm so glad to hear you don't have any health issues. GREAT!

    You should never let water drip into your house. It can only lead to bad things. I've got a drip around the back door, but only on a windy rain when it comes from a certain direction. No matter how much I caulk everywhere I still get that darn drip.

    What a family saga you have. Have you ever thought about writing a crazy family novel? You have a lot of material there.

    If my son ever gets to be lazy, I'll remember your advice.

    Rosie is a great name for a dog!
  20. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Didn't want to do two blogs so putting the rest in here.

    Recent news for me.

    My ultrasound was fine. There seem to be no abnormalities and the thing that happened that set me down this course hasn't happened again, yet, so maybe it was just something to do with my hormones or diet or environment or stress or something like that. If it happens again I'll go back to the doctor.
    Napoleon's back from Canada. Haven't seen him yet but had to call him regarding the next item.
    My the ceiling in my bedroom leaks. Well, technically the vent. The other day I went up to bed. It was raining heavily. Suddenly I see drips of water running down the wall. I have posters and nice pictures on that wall. I recently put up a nice picture of some irises. The water trickled in one trail from the vent, some way above the picture, was absorbed by the picture and came out the bottom of it in 4-6 separate trails Right next to my bed, so I can't reach down there easily (there's a ton of stuff under my bed. I'm not kidding it's a mess). I wondered if the irises were cursed but I don't think so, they absorbed at least a little bit of the water.
    What worries me most is that I have an extension cable down there and water and electrics don't mix.
    I mopped up the water and that, combined with the rain letting up seemed to stop it. I checked around that are and found a little blister where water had gotten under the wall paper. Not wanting to let it rot in there I stabbed the blister and drained out the little bit of water. Now I have to keep an eye on it when it's raining heavily, like now for example. So I'm finally ending here.

    Bluebiird out
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