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  1. brainstrain's Avatar
    Ha, my school did a Thanksgiving Dinner (I don't suppose they have that in England) and it was the same thing pretty much...Everyone looks forward to it, and then gets disgusted after tasting it. I bring my lunch, so I've never faced that particular problem. And since half my food comes from friends, when its disgusting, everyone loses
    =' (
    But that was a while ago. I'm over it now...sort of.

    And I know this is random, but the way English people talk amuses me. Its not really funny, just different. Amazing how different the same language can be when separated by Oceans, Cultures, and Politics...I think American and English were officially named two different dialects at some point =D
  2. Nightshade's Avatar
    Honey dont worry so, I doubt they kick you out for catchment crossing now. And Im pretty sure there is somthing about they have to let you complete the year, I seem to rember this cropping up in our town, althhough Im pretty sure everyone was from the ame county... Ill see what I can find out
  3. Psycheinaboat's Avatar
    My Life Skills class was taken in middle school. We read short biographies about rock musicians and sports heroes that were meant to inspire us. It was rather lame.
  4. Bluebiird's Avatar
    They're actually supposed to be "study periods".
    First big mistake; writing it down as free on the timetables.
    Second big mistake; only having the library (Which is hardly open) and the small study room open for us to "study" in.
    And third biggest mistake; any free time in that school basically means "Messing around and pretend you're doing something useful when a teacher comes in" time.
    Besides, even if the wether at this time of year was nice enough to go out in, they wouldn't let us out because we can't be trusted to come bace for registration. You can only pace the playground so many times before it becomes boring. And you certainly can't sneak out because they have gates to stop us.
  5. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Yup. I learnt that (in our school at least) Life skills is a wast of time . In other schools it may actually be a propper lesson but in ours it's just a waste of a perfectly good lesson that we could be in like english lit. or business.
  6. Shannanigan's Avatar
    Wow...guess public schools are different over there. I don't think I ever experienced indoor free time like you are over there while in public school in California. Then again, there was no reason for us to stay inside when the weather was always nice outside....
  7. Shannanigan's Avatar skills...I had to take one of those classes. So did you learn anything that will help you in life?
  8. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Just a public Secondary school, which happens to keep on 6-formers. Most of the people here are either horrid little buggers (Am I allowed to say that?) or insane. But I have to admit, it does have its moments.
  9. Shannanigan's Avatar
    This sounds so interesting...what kind of school are you at? I wish I could have had this much fun in school
  10. Bluebiird's Avatar
    You are? Thank you. I try to be interesting .
  11. Psycheinaboat's Avatar
    I am enjoying your blog. I like reading about your life.
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