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    I used to put things in a blog here too just because it made me feel better to try and put my thoughts on paper (or screen). I stopped because I realised I live in a small country and it wouldn't be hard to figure out who wrote it, especially since I am not a clever person with a pseudonym .

    I don't think there has to be a reason to be depressed and when I was on medication for it and struggling though the day I hated it when people asked me 'what do you have to be depressed about' my mon asks herself that question daily and I keep saying there is no reason. There are issues and facts that may fuel depression but they are not the reason for it.

    I used to stay alive for my dog and now he is almost 15 and I fear the day he will pass. When I got him I thought to myself that I would leave with him one day. I don't think so now but at the same time I don't fear death, like you I don't believe in an afterlife and I find the thought of just 'not being' very appealing.

    I have phrases in my mind that I think of when I am down these days, like 'in a hundred years I'll be dead and this won't matter' or even the story of the 'this too will pass' ring brings ease.

    Music is very good too, me and my son often start days, when we are tired and don't feel like going to school with some music by Queen, you can't but get up when you listen to them.

    I just turned 30 too, so where to go from there...
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    Lol---as usual no money but there are a slew of back issues of 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazines would love to get my hands on. I'm still the biggest collector I know in USA for owning originals going all way back to their first year..
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    Well, the is still falling at the moment, so if there's anything you want to buy from us now might be a good time.
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    Blue, it's been an incredibly long time since I last checked in on you. You're one of the good memories I have of the site which has changed so much that I come back more for nostalgia of a more innocent time then anything else. To be honest I was pleased you're still here and posting--I'll never catch up now on the blog count. Further pleased your Mother and you still together. I was surprised by the development in your country and to be truly honest didn't have a clue of the implications. Further truth my real concern was whether 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine would suffer as I get them imported to me here in USA. With no attempt at an authoritative knowledgeable opinion in the worst of times somehow money gets moved around until it settles down--wait and see. As to crying well I was never pretty my entire life and tears come from time to time-usually romantic comedies when true love wins out. I have avoided Finding Nemo for years and adding Finding Dory to the list as well. The Grumpy Dinosaur has an image to maintain.
    Updated 06-26-2016 at 02:40 AM by mtpspur (usual bad typing/spelling)
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    We call those Cajun blackened marshmallows, Blue. :)
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    I made some cookies. Triple chocolate. Slightly plastic tasting and a little burnt marshmallows. I feel better now.
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    So glad you explained the spelling. It's bothered me for years.
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    Happy spoiling, Bluebiird!
  11. qimissung's Avatar
    "But back to me..." lol, lol, lol.
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    I was told to be a synaesthetist by my own visions of genetic mutations of
    my DNA. My first contact with "competent" doctors was with 18 months of age. I got a tropic virus in Colombia, South America, when I was there the first time of my life with my parants. We visited Cali, Cartagena, San Andres and so on... Colombia is the nation, where my mother was born in 1950 as youngest child of an old spanish grande, comperable to the word peer in "the peerage of england", and a younger noble lady, born to the house of the dukedom Osuna, there she was the oldest daughter of a branche of all these relationships created so many centuries ago. So, I got there a very dangerous virus with fever symptomatical equal to dengue or malaria. My father didn't allow doctors to take my blood for analyse, because he couldn't accept the idea of seing me tortured by a old primitive
    needle. I nearly died there. Still today the scarves are visible in my blood by the spectre of viral tests. With three I nearly lost my ability to see, because of an old anomaly in my family, a bizarre eye desease on both eyes. They are totaly different. My left eye should be nearly blind, but my right eye sees everything in detail in the distance, as my seamingly nearly blind left eye sees everything, which is close to his radius. It is called a form of anisomethropy, which is extremly rare. Nobody can explain me, why I am what I am, but everybody seams to react helpless by trying to say me what kind of social, genetic and mind hyperanomaly I am. Nearly nobody tried or even try today to accept me and my kind of being, without an evil hopeless try to make me explainable to them in there kind of categories. Even my own father, quite similar in a few points to me, tends to call me the hellish beast, or something like that. The point is, I never had a chance to develop an eloquent identity, like my to parents before me. I am the sad surrealistic crown of mankind by my synaesthetic knowing and my mindpower of extrem forces of will. I saw so many experts
    of so many scientific fields, nobody can explain, why I am, what I am, or who I am definitly not. I have hundrets of person suits, each one is a second skin for me. I wear these suits of identities one over the other, but all of them visible on many ways the same time. The are shades of my soul
    and are all visions and versions of myself to myself, but obviously, I think about myself being lost in to many worlds inside and out. I would be happy, if I could pass only one day without the experience that everyone fears me like the worst moster of their personal nightmare over and over again. I can see myself through their eyes. I only see pain and fear caused
    by blue, golden and bloodred light...
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    I remember when you made the log. I enjoyed that.

    This Christmas sounds fun. I like the way you interact with the kids and the dogs. And your ending: priceless.
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    It's fading and the scab looks like I could peel the edges off. I won't though.
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    Oh, and happy belated birthday.
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    The internet breaks? check. New glasses, tired eyes? check. Female visitors, told in tiny print? check.

    I know that feeling that the universe is trying to punish you! I'm going through something like that now.
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    I read your last one first, so it's good to learn the origins of the burn and toaster.

    You have a wonderfully light comedic touch and eye for detail.
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    Lol, I love the perspective of getting to know a new appliance and making it a part of one's life, and the ups and downs involved in that process.

    Hope your burn heals up soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by qimissung
    I'm awaiting the second part of your Christmas, Bluebiird. You always tell good stories. Although I didn't comment, I have read part one.
    I know I do the same thing
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