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  1. Danik 2016's Avatar
    I hope things are better for you too, Bluebiird. I like to read your memories.
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    I talk to people and we all sound the same. It feels like a kinda randomness but it is all centered around the virus. Hopefully, the restrictions will start to be lifted in your country. That great news that your dad id recovering even with an underlying condition.
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    Be well... always enjoy your posts.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
  4. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Hi Bluebiird,

    Glad you are chirping again.
    Capital idea that of organizing game rounds with your father on Christmas.
    And you are a very communicative person on line.
    I hope you will find your Windows and be able to use the PC again.
    And I wish you a lucky 2020.
  5. Bluebiird's Avatar
    I did go. You’re right. Everything was fine. I got worked up for no reason. We were actually early (a first for us and funerals). While my mum socialized a little I had a wander round the graves. It’s a pretty big cemetery and the earliest graves I saw were from the 1800’s. When the procession came I finally spotted my dad and uncle at the back. It seems I misjudge my dad too much (he’s hard for me to read) he was surprised but pleased that I came. The chapel was very small so I couldn’t sit next to my mum but I was able to sit at the back next to my dad so I wasn’t anxious (I’m very uncomfortable around strangers unless I’m with someone I know). The service was nice and light-hearted (my great aunt was quite a character) with no hymns and only one prayer where joining in was not implied to be mandatory. Then we followed the coffin to the grave. A new experience for me because I’ve only been to cremations before. We did send flowers but I don’t know if they made it in time. Mum thinks she saw them. Then we came home and I went back to bed (I’d only had 1-2 hours sleep before).
    So overall there was nothing to be worried about. Thankyou for your input. I am grateful
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    I think you could safely not attend and you would not be ruffling any feathers! Sending some flowers would be a thoughtful gesture. If, however, your father is going to go on about it and you just don't have the wherewithal to ignore him (and that would not be an easy task, I don't think), then steel yourself, put on your outfit and go. It's only for a few hours. You can leave immediately after and you don't really need to say anything beyond "I'm so sorry for your loss."

    There is no really wrong decision, Bluebiird, you just have to decide what is right for you at this moment in time. Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.
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    Another reason to get a fake tree is that they are fire resistant while real trees could essentially be a match. But real trees smell and look nicer, I grant you.
  8. Virgil's Avatar
    How did it taste? Microwaves don't technically cook from the inside out. The way it works is that it sends frequency like radio waves only stronger, more like a radar actually, into the food and the waves excite the moisture inside the food so much so that it heats up. So the heat is not from the center of the food out, but from wherever the moisture is, which is probably spread evenly throughout. So I guess that is technically cooking from the inside, but not necessarily the center out. Hope that makes sense. Hope your mom had a great birthday.
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    I love trees too. I'm blessed to live within a few miles of a National Forest; we actually abut to some BLM property. A scripture I read yesterday touched my heart: "And out of the ground made I, the Lord God, to grow every tree, naturally, that is pleasant to the sight of man; and man could behold it. And it became also a living soul. For it was spiritual in the day that I created it..."

    Regarding Christmas trees I have a couple of amusing stories:

    Years ago, 1974 actually, a roommate and I put up a small Christmas tree before Christmas. We kept it up after Christmas and then moved to another location taking the tree with us. Months later I began dating my soon to be, and current, wife. She thought it tacky we never put the tree to the curb after what must have been 10-mo.s or so. When I moved out the tree was still up.

    Years later my wife and I purchased a local tree, we're inundated with Christmas Tree farms, and brought it home. After decorating the tree one night we started hearing this crunch-crunch noise coming from the tree. We surmised our tree had some sort of beetle and we just lived with it to the end... a very Happy Crunchmas it was. Unfortunately this may have been a harbinger of things to come... the beetles have become a bane to our area and have destroyed millions of trees

    For years now no Christmas trees in my home: mostly due to my daughter and her family, whom we share the property with now, putting up a tree in her modest home. It's an artificial tree for the last number of years, but before the change to artificial trees her last "real" tree was topped from a tree outside my dining room window that still thrives topless, so to speak, albeit surrounded by cedars we transplanted from off the side of the road.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
    tailor STATELY
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil
    You're going to turn 30! Goodness I remember when you were a kid. I'm afraid to mutter my age. You'll have to look it up. I assume it's there on my profile.

    Here's to your best year yet, Blue. Happy New Year!
    I kind of still am a kid. My attitude doesn’t really reflect my age
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    Quote Originally Posted by tailor STATELY
    Happy New Year ! (Time?)
  12. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    Happy New Year ! (Time?)
  13. Virgil's Avatar
    You're going to turn 30! Goodness I remember when you were a kid. I'm afraid to mutter my age. You'll have to look it up. I assume it's there on my profile.

    Here's to your best year yet, Blue. Happy New Year!
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    You have to find something in common with your dad. It seems like you regress into a father/child relationship, and while that may be good for most I think it locks you into a fixed pattern where you two don't relate to each other. Maybe if you could think of him in other terms, such as equals as adults. You're an adult now. Try to relate to him as if he's some other than your father. I know, it's probably harder than it sounds. But if you want a better relationship with him, one of you needs to break the pattern thats been ongoing. And he's probably not going to do it.

    I hope you still had a good holiday, and have a happy new year. Peace, my friend.
  15. Danik 2016's Avatar
    That´s a valiant journal BB. I often get depressed at this time of the year, maybe because one is supposed to be specially happy during the season of end of year festivities.
    My best wishes for a Happy New Year.
    What are the flying saucers your mother got for Christmas? A kind of sweets?
  16. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Well if you're interested here's the one I used
  17. Virgil's Avatar
    I would love to sample that Nutella cookie. Sounds great!
  18. Virgil's Avatar
    Oh you're doing your Advent calendar again this year. Sounds like you're in a Christmas-y spirit! Great to see Blue!

    My son and I put up my mother's Christmas tree yesterday. Or at least partial. It's artificial, so we get all the branches on and I set up the lights. My mother finished decorating afterward and I stopped over on the way home from work and it looked lovely.

    Interesting on your theory on wreaths. I couldn't find much when I researched. All I found was that it started as a Lutheran practice. And it's only a few hundred years old. I would have thought it went back to pre-Christian, but I guess not.
    Updated 12-18-2017 at 09:54 PM by Virgil
  19. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Correct. I have an advent calendar and every day I open it and tell you what’s inside. Then I’ll just talk about something else while I’m here. Just for fun.
  20. Danik 2016's Avatar
    I was wondering what kind of journal you were writing BB, until I remembered the German Advent time. It starts four Sundays before Christmas. One puts up an Advent Whreat with four candles and each Advent Sunday one candle is lit:

    Also we had an Advent Calendar with a Christmas picture and 25 small windows. Every day one opens the corresponding picture, which contains a small image and in some version a chocolate.

    I think your journal is covering the days that lead up to Christmas.
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