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    Happy birthday! sounds like a nice day and what a great gift, I have wanted a telescope for a long time. 25 candles on the cake, wow it must have taken some effort to blow out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebiird
    Oddly enough I'm not actually germ phobic.
    You could have fooled me.
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    I put my hands to my face or eyes quite a lot and I live under the assumption that germs transfer very quickly. At the party when I had an occasion to shake hands I worried about what I could transfer unknown germs to. Since I was using a pen and pad to write I felt it safe to assume that germs transferred from the handshake could easily transfer to the pen and pad.
    I also worried about what germs there could be after lending it to my cousin to write. In that situation I figured it was best not to fuss until it was time to eat, where any germs I might have caught could easily enter my body, I sanitised my hands before touching anything on the buffet table but no one else seemed concerned. That's why I refused to even think of it once a certain time had passed. The thought of all those unclean hands touching things and people breathing on things made me feel quite sick.
    Oddly enough my greatest concern about germs is catching things like the common cold, because they're so easy to pass on. Oddly enough I'm not actually germ phobic.
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    Lot of people carry the gel. I keep it on my desk at work. I don't mind shaking hands but I try not to put my hands in my mouth. As long as the germs stay on your hands they won't affect you. At least that's my perception. I also have gotten into the habit of washing my hands frequently. In the business world, it's hard not to shake hands.
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    This will probably sound strange considering I've already said that I hug my relatives but I don't actually like people touching me, especially since I've developed a slight concern regarding germs. The hands are one of the easiest places to collect germs and when you shake hands with people I'd say that doubles. You don't know where their hands have been and they don't know where yours have been and if you start wondering about that then you have to wonder how well they clean their hands.
    I noticed very early on that the palms of my hands were more sensitive than other parts of skin that are usually exposed and as I got older that sensitivity seems to have increased to some degree. When I was very little I could happily hold grasshoppers and it didn't bother me but one day it suddenly tickled more than usual and it so surprised me that I dropped the grasshopper. That hadn't happened before. It was the same with a butterfly some years later.
    Somehow for me shaking hands is more uncomfortable than hugging. But then again I don't just hug anyone. People have to have a considerable connection to me or have spent considerable time gaining my trust before I can hug them and even then my hugs only last a couple of seconds, except for mum and the dog.
    Although, now my germ issues have come up, if I do have to shake someone's hand the first thing I think is how quickly can I clean my hands? or would it seem rude if I cleaned my hands now? I usually carry hand wipes or gel with me just in case.
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    I didn't hug as a teenager either. When I do now I'm still sort of tentative and I only initiate it with older people of the opposite sex like aunts. My impulse is to shake hands with male family members but a number of them will grab me into one of those masculine bear Not that I'm against it or find it rude, but it's not me.
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    So happy you had a great time. And yes, with some of the things you've said about your family it would be wise not to give out the blog.
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    I'm glad you had a good time. I had a great time reading this. It was hilarious in places. You could be the next David Sedaris, who knows? Anyway, a very enjoyable read, and I'm glad it turned out better than you thought it might.
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    Ah a Londoner. My one trip to London I stayed at a hotel near a train station I think was called Victoria Station. I'm going by memory and it's been almost ten years. Actually it was December of 2003 when I was there. I remember it being walking (a good walk) distance to Buckingham Palace and to the Thames. Is that Central London? I remember walking south of the hotel to a more residential area where we had dinner (fish and chips and a few pints) at a really good pub. Would that be Greater London?

    In New York City we have too have a discrepancy between the central and the outer boroughs as we call it. What everyone thinks of when they hear NYC is really Manhattan, and their are four other boroughs which are very different. No one would ever confuse Staten Island, where I live, with Manhattan.
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    Thanks guys.
    It's not so much seeing my family that worries me but the numerous strangers that I'm bound to encounter that make me anxious.
    I'm almost 25 but I'm well aware of the regrets of which you speak. I've no doubt I'll have many more in thirty years. That's just life.
    By the way. I'm a Londoner. Greater London. Yes. There is a difference. I find visits to Central London somewhat alien. It's almost like a parallel world to me.
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    Sometimes it's just good for the entire family to get together Blue. You're probably too young to realize that. But as you get to be my age, one realizes that such a family gathering only happens at funerals. Weddings too, but who gets married these days? At least this is a good reason for family to come together. It might feel awkward now, but how many memories of these family members will you have thirty years from now? Probably not too many.

    What part of England do you live in, if you don't mind me asking? I looked up Essex and it looks quite charming.
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    You did a nice job with the gifts. I know it's a bit annoying, but they are throwing the party for themselves, if that helps any. No? I thought not.

    And it's always a bit rough when you have events back to back like that. Anyway, have a good time!
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    Baaaa...LOL, if you can't sleep in the future you can start counting your clay sheep.
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    haha, you sound like you're having a lot of fun, Bluebiird. Can you post a picture of Sheepy soon, p-l-l-l-e-a-s-e???
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    "And by the way Virgil, if you've given up sweets for lent then don't see the cheesecake as sweets. See it obligation and a tradition. As it would be sinful to let it go to waste I think you'll be forgiven for eating it, as long as you don't eat any other sweets besides that."
    LOL! You should be a lawyer. That's brilliant.
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    It didn't rain miso soup. Clearly the snow was just coincidence then. Pancake day was okay but a bit of a letdown. Since I only make pancakes about once a year it takes about 3 failures before I start getting it right. Also the powdered pancake mix is a bit of a rip off really. You only get six if you do it right. I got five but the first one was a little too thick, severely under cooked and twisted because it stuck to the pan. I'm thinking about making some from scratch some time.
    Hope you both had a good day.

    And by the way Virgil, if you've given up sweets for lent then don't see the cheesecake as sweets. See it obligation and a tradition. As it would be sinful to let it go to waste I think you'll be forgiven for eating it, as long as you don't eat any other sweets besides that .

    Oh and yes. Pancake Day is pretty much the same as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras and is the day before Ash Wednesday. It also goes by the name of Shrove Tuesday. But since I'm not a religious person I focus on the tradition of pancakes, so it's Pancake Day.

    Oh and qimissung, the sugar I use on pancakes is granulated. When I say it forms a crust that's not quite accurate but I couldn't think of the right words.
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    Pancake Day I assume is the same as Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday. My mother makes a sort of Italian Cheesecake, but it might even be heavier in the stomach if that is possible. She gave it to us on Tuesday and now we have left over and I've given up deserts and snacks (and alcohol) for Lent, and I have already cheated. Darn cake is in the refrigerator and I have no will power.

    Your pancakes sound great. I have had pancakes both thin and fluffy and I like them both. I'm not sure I have a preference.
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    You have given me a reason to wake up tomorrow, Bluebiird, just to see if it's raining Miso!

    But seriously, about pancakes. You eat syrup on them when you were raised with syrup on pancakes as the standard. I love syrup on pancakes. When you were talking about lemon juice and powder-and I'm assuming you mean powdered sugar-I was like "Wha...?"

    Maybe I'll try it sometime. In any event, Happy Pancake Day!!!! Hope it's a good 'un!
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    I'm not as patient as I sound. Most of what I know comes from YouTube tutorials. Pretty much everything I learn comes from YouTube or occasionally a Google search, sometimes TV too.
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    You have mentioned it before but I like that story so it's fine.
    The mice seem to be pretty much everywhere but in plain sight. They drive the dog crazy trying to hunt them. I wonder if it would be easier if she were a cat .
    In regards to.....Them.....I try extremely hard not to think about what kinds of diseases they could give me or how they're living in the ceiling chewing I dread to think what. A few nights ago I heard one trying to gnaw through the wall from mum's room into mine...................I've been against klilling them, it's not their fault.....but if I ever find one in my room I will want to kill it, whether I will or not depends on my mood at the time. Vermin are forbidden in my room. Even the dog is forbidden and she belongs here.
    They've been saying we'll get more snow but I think that's the colder regions. I doubt we'll get any more snow here, it's already starting to feel a little warmer.