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  1. Logos's Avatar
    oh Blue more surprise revelations about your dad! it's so unfair.
    I hope you don't have to move ?
    How is Yuki doing today ?
    It was fun to read in a previous blog all the gardening you've been doing, wow! I have NO talent for gardening, I hope you're enjoying some veggies.
  2. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Congrats! It seems everything went as well as possible!
    Wishing Yuki a good and fast recovery!
    And if you can, now the worst part seems to be over, try to get some more sleep and eat well!
  3. NikolaiI's Avatar
    Hope you are well always, Bluebird.
  4. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    Be safe... be well.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),
    tailor STATELY
  5. Logos's Avatar
    Oh poor doggy I hope they have some relief from painkillers and antiB. Sounds like you're taking good care of yourself, I hope it's not covid! take care!
  6. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Sorry about Yul! And that you and your mother have caught Covid even with being careful as you were.
    Wish you all have good medical assistance and get well soon!
  7. tailor STATELY's Avatar
    So sorry about your dog. And COVID !
    Praying all works out for the best. You've been smart to get vaxed and boosted. I'm planning to get the 2nd boost as soon as it's authorized for we elderly here in the States. Yeah, with restrictions becoming lax I find I'm being a bit more lax too. Funeral attending... too many, and without masks. Only 1-due to COVID, my Brother-in-law who lived close. Sprinkle in a terminal cancer & heart disease (45 & 52) and a few due to old age (92 & 100) and a few others and it's been a lot of potential exposure. Church has become lax too with the lifting of restrictions. That may all change if the stats start creeping up like that across the pond (from my viewpoint). Get well, you and your Mom and dog, and be safe...
  8. Logos's Avatar
    I think you can be very proud of yourself for initiating a conversation with her. You did great Blue.
  9. Bluebiird's Avatar
    I forgot to add. I told mum that I'd just always assumed he'd be like granddad and get old, then go into a nursing home, then go into hospital and THEN die and that made me start crying too.
  10. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Thank you
  11. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Sorry to learn that, Blue, and I wish you much strenght!
  12. tonywalt's Avatar
    Sorry Blue. It is now Wednesday, and I am considering having a few martinis on Friday.
  13. Logos's Avatar
    I think you're coping very well under the circumstances! My condolences to you Blue in such a difficult time and I'm wishing you lots of strength in the coming days.
  14. Danik 2016's Avatar
    That, anyway!

    As you need a profession, why not try writing, Bluebiird? Itīs something you like doing, you do well and you can do at home. What you have still to discover is if you can earn money with it.
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  15. Bluebiird's Avatar
    I meant lose if this site went down or something. There are no backups
    Updated 09-18-2021 at 11:41 PM by Bluebiird
  16. Danik 2016's Avatar
    They are your memories but may be they are more than that Bluebiird. They may be representative of a sort of life. Anyway, that would be for an experienced editor to say.
  17. Bluebiird's Avatar
    I forgot something important and it's so significant I'm putting it here.
    Since the cancer I've been saying I/we love you each time we speak because I know I'd regret it if I didn't. I know the first hospital stay worried him because he said he loves me and no matter what he's still my dad and he got choked up. He never does that. Last and only other time I heard him choke up was at his brother's funeral where he replaced "glory glory hallelujah" with "glory glory Tottenham Hotspur" at the top of his voice. It was a very important thing for them. So yeah. That happened too.
  18. Bluebiird's Avatar
    Thanks that would make sense. There are years of memories here and it would suck to lose them
  19. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Hi, bluebiird
    Donīt know whether you still read the comments. As Litnet activity is dwindling more and more, I hope you have your blog contributions also saved elsewhere. It might also be the time to thinking of publishing them as a book if possible or, if it isn't on a personal blog on Wordpress or similar.
  20. Danik 2016's Avatar
    Itīs a very sad story, bluebiird! But you did all you could to help the bird.
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