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    Truly said...... Really impressive
    [QUOTE=andave_ya;bt22076]Erm, erm, like Faulkner instead? Or Tolstoy?? Are they considered realist? I laughed too when I read your comment - it's funny to think how I was trying to phrase my comment properly and instead committed a (literary) faux pas.[/QUOTE] I love Dostoevsky because of his characters, and ----[QUOTE=andave_ya;bt22076]yes, they have major depth to them and it is a deep pleasure to dig into their characters.[/QUOTE]
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    Sorry to be so late -- very very late, I now see, Countess -- in responding to your situation. I don't make it by here much anymore. But please don't let your imagination die. I firmly believe that the future is in our imaginatiions and, if you keep the image of your future alive in your own mind, then that is what will help guide your steps in getting there. Perhaps in small steps, but eventually you will make progress getting there.
    So, please.

    I hope something has improved since your post.
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  3. lcalvin's Avatar
    Cheer up! You're just going through something but that doesn't mean it's anything serious dear. However, when I was clinically diagnosed with anxiety disorder, I went all natural. I listen to music, exercise- eat some comfort food and all. A friend who's suffering from the same issues too shared a site with tips on all going natural- this is not spam. Again, it's just a personal tip. No harm if you try coz like I said, I have avoided any sort of medications too.
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    frankenstein is a sad story, i agree with Dark Muse i like to root for the vampires too
  5. krispykritta's Avatar
    real nice, i love the symbolism
  6. krispykritta's Avatar
    nice pics
  7. Morden's Avatar
    Hi Countess,
    Hope things are going well for you out there in the silence.
    I swing by every so often looking for word.
  8. jon1jt's Avatar
    We're all technology whores, but I'm going to unwhore myself by tossing my gadgets into a bonfire at an undisclosed date. Yippeee! And I'm saving my computer for last. I'm going to stand on my desk chair and....
    oh nevermind.

    First I wanna get some use out of this computer, being it's my last one and all.
  9. mtpspur's Avatar
    Started to read this and wasalready thinking of your esteemed Mr. Bloom. You are an amazing lady Countess. I never could write on your level. Glad to see more of yoiu here lately.
  10. Anza's Avatar
    Oh my god-- AMAZING!
  11. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Lovely pictures, Countess!
  12. andave_ya's Avatar
    oh my! wow! you look stunning!
  13. SleepyWitch's Avatar
    wow, you look great in that outfit!
  14. mtpspur's Avatar
    Still a beauty Countess!!! Good to see you on more often.
  15. Virgil's Avatar
    You look really cute Countess.
  16. Dark Muse's Avatar
    LOVE the outfit
  17. Niamh's Avatar
    you get all dolled up in work?
    Countess you really have such a pretty face against that black hair.
  18. Captain Pike's Avatar
    Wow again (a different sort of WOW)

    Trick and Treat!

  19. applepie's Avatar
    Wow Countess! I'm with Virgil, I think a cold shower may be in order;)
  20. andave_ya's Avatar
    gosh -- -- wow.
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