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  1. Apollonian Delight


    You are
    An Apollonian delight to the eye,
    A divine revelation to man,

    Your hair
    A million honeyed velvet strands
    Foretelling days of Spring

    Your eyes
    Two bluebirds on high
    Twittering black haloed mysteries -

    The love for Hyacinth
    And Troilus,
    The beauty of Narcissus
    And Venus’ dead Adonis.


    When God speaks, terror strikes men;

    Updated 12-03-2008 at 11:54 AM by Countess

  2. Halloween Photos

    It was boring, but I got to dress up!

  3. Song of Cyberlove: A poem in Song of Solomon tradition

    A chat betwix me and my love turned into something that I used as a base for this poem. I restructed it a little (the first two I arranged rhythmically, etc) but the content is the same...

    Lover: A peck upon your neckline first then on your chest plant a kiss.
    Let me run my hands from pit to waist with a featherweight caress;
    below I’ll save a stronger touch, but soft and light on the less,
    ...palming each muscle, each crevice, each spot... ...
  4. I'm Sad

    I saw a Dracula ballet today, and just finished watching Frankenstein (movie), and at the end of both I wanted to cry.

    Am I the only one who cries at horror (rather than cheezy romance) movies?
  5. Hablas espanol - anyone?

    He sent me this poem but Google mucked up the translation. For one it says he's a girl - (-:

    Seré yo el joven que hace sus sueños dulces como la hidromiel?
    O es el igneo destello de sus ojos al recordarme el acusador?
    Quién es el mas bravo pirata para juzgar mi sín razón,
    que llevandola en mi almohada la pienso como un don...?

    Updated 10-18-2008 at 04:17 AM by Countess

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