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  1. sadhana's Avatar
    Some of our politicians are on wheel chairs with hearing aids and frequent visits to ICUs. Still they sit pretty tight refusing to have the youth take over.
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    In my country governance is not in the hands of the old and vernerable, but in the clutches of self-serving youth, the 35-45 bracket, Thatcher's generation of gimme-ists whose job appears not to be to govern, but to distract the attention of the electorate from government, while unelected, unaccountable, beaurocratic-tecnocrats from foreign countries impose their will upon us. Oh, and I nearly forgot, our politicians seek to embroil us in as many wars as America can come up with, just in case we can glean a few crumbs from the big man's table.

    Perhaps the only wisdom is in the bliss of ignorance... One doesn't need to be old for this.
  3. sadhana's Avatar
    A culture needs its wise and old men. But as we eperience it, older does not mean wiser.
  4. Buh4Bee's Avatar
    I liked this when I read this originally!
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    I know exactly what you mean. I have all kinds of identities; work identity, wifey identify, mommy identity, friend identity- but I find at the core of it no matter what hat I am wearing, I try to stay "true" to the self. I don't like being pushed around or bullied and I like to be kind. These two identity conflicts are always at war and fight hard when I wear specific hats. For example, I am kinder to my son and colleagues than I am to my husband. Mr. Jersea need to be beaten back with a broom sometimes! LOL! Yes, it is a vile personality sometimes.

    One other point, I agree that society or culture does play a part in how we present our identity. For further discussion, I'd be glad to answer/discuss any questions you have. I like this topic.
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    Good luck my friend!
  7. sadhana's Avatar
    Friends, it is time to throw off your load of dejection. Cheerfulness should be our trademark.