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  1. Forgetfulness has become natural

    How often have we searched in our minds for the name of a familiar person and regretted not having remembered it? How often have we kept our keys and valuables in a certain place and forgotten them? How often have fathers taken their baby out for a quick shopping nearby and forgotten to take the baby home, and left with only the grocery?
    These are very common symptoms of the failure of memory in us. It is quite natural to have memory losses as we grow older. Just as our other faculties become ...
  2. Legitimising identities

    We live in societies which are so different from each other. When we travel from one place to another there is the necessity to change our perspectives and loyalties to suit the situation in which we find ourselves. We cannot remain the same at all times. The result is that we begin to assume several identities to make ourselves feel comfortable and to fulfill our material and emotional needs.

    Should we then be denounced as wearers of masks and as hypocrits untrue to the culture ...
  3. Cheerfulness

    Whatever the weather , remain cheerful. Why bother about tomorrow and be unhappy when today there is life and love. Even if death comes, let him come as a lover you have known for years in your heart but not seen and whom you are yearning to meet .

    Cheerfulness comes when you know that you are free from all bondages, even from the bondage of trying to live effectively. Freedom from the necessity to conform or rebel or to do or not to do-- brings in the cheer.

    Smile ...