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A Lonely Traveller

Since we are all broken-spirited travellers on this lonely planet, what need is there to have known each other before we meet?

  1. Nigella, Love in the Mist

    by , 08-10-2010 at 01:13 PM (A Lonely Traveller)

    My dear Nigella,

    You're from a distant exotic place,
    More mysterious than your own name.

    If Helen was worth a thousand words,
    Then what words are there to paint you?
    Your heavenly smile is sure to humble all the fascinating flowers
    Ever grown on this green land.
    Your elegance, beyond all description.

    When you grace my dreamland,
    My sky dotted here and there with sparkling blue stars,

    Updated 08-11-2010 at 10:25 PM by angliholic

  2. Forget Me Not

    by , 08-09-2010 at 10:02 PM (A Lonely Traveller)

    Your soothing serene face is a forget-me-not in full bloom
    I stumbled across in spring.
    Missing the faint fragrance of your youthful body,
    I simply pined away.

    It doesnít matter now,
    for I notice every light blue petal in the forget-me-not
    mirrors your sweet smile
    that has been lingering in my mind.

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  3. What Worries Me Most

    by , 08-09-2010 at 09:07 AM (A Lonely Traveller)

    Counting the white clouds one after another,
    I left you,
    leaving you only a bit of lovesickness.
    What worries me most now is your reddened eyes. Your tears are always on my mind.

    Counting the maple leaves one after another,
    I left you,
    leaving only my loving heart to you.
    What worries me most now is your distance.
    Your loneliness is always on my mind.

  4. Journey of Love

    by , 08-09-2010 at 08:43 AM (A Lonely Traveller)

    When a gust of wind blows me
    like a lonely floating cloud,
    I have no choice but to travel,
    carrying my beloved guitar and a yellow aster.

    I want to go far, far away
    to an unknown place.
    I want to walk for a long, long distance
    to retrieve my dream from the past.

    I pretend I donít love you any more
    so that I can go travelling,
    carrying an innocent heart and a red rose.
  5. When Autumn comes

    by , 08-08-2010 at 06:05 PM (A Lonely Traveller)

    When trees begin to put on orange and red,

    I'll paint my longing for you on a maple leaf,

    hand it to the air, and wish

    a gentle breeze blow it into your dream!

    Updated 08-09-2010 at 02:32 AM by angliholic

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