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    Never knew my maternal grand-father-died before my birth. My paternal grand-father was to say the least NOT an encouraging man. I have never missed him or felt truly loved by him. This is confessed with regret and only an occassional sense of sin.

    Yours sound like decent men well worth the knowing and their is that slight bit of jealousy which flames I'm stomping on as I write. It really is great you have this in your life.

    Doctors don't bother me too much expect when they get pompous then I just ignore them. One of the breaks no longer being in the military.

    And for the first time ever her goes: My middle name is Eugene--most people always guess Edward. I have no idea where it came from. Mom has forgotten when I asked a few years back when we were being civil to each other about the past.
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    I totally agree with Rich; they are just dreams after all. I personally dream a lot these days, these dreams are most of the time bizarre and awkward, sometimes scary. I forget some of my dreams, I confess that some of these puzzled me and I try so hard to find out a reasonable explanation or signification for them but I don't find any so I end up by forgetting about them
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    Thanks for the comments gang. I'm just describing my images. I don't really have any problems with them. The one with Suzie was scary, because I was with her when it happened. Otherwise, I'm just fine.
  4. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Writing down dreams is therapeutic, I totally agree with ya, Pete. Those dreams seem so sad -- I think that mtpspur had good advice, in that you should cut yourself some slack and just enjoy yourself. You are a good person and deserve plenty of happiness. My best wishes to you, my friend ROCK!
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    Hope your thoughts and dreams get a bit happier in the future B. I think I was most disturbed that you said no one remembered you in a dream. Rest assured that you will be remembered. Take Care, Meg
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    Pete, I really do not believe that these dreams are going to come true these are just dreams. You should here my dreams.LOL The other night I dreamed that we got merried. I know it will not happen because you don't love me like that but it was a good dream anyway. But I do have bad dreams too like of my parents dying and I'll wake up crying but I know it's just a dream. What I'm trying to say is please don't worry yourself that much about your dreams. I think you are just worried and upset about things and that is why you are dreaming of all that. Besides I like to live on the edge.LOL I should be more scared of Lena driving than you.LOL I just refuse to live worried about what could happen. I just live one day at a time and leave the rest up to God. So please don't worry so much baby, I don't like to see you tearing yourself up like that. It breaks my heart. Try to think good thought and have good dreams. I truely hope you find peace in your heart one day because I love you so much and I would love to see you at peace and happy after everything you have been through. Thinking of you, Suzie
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    Would strongly caution not to takethe dreams seriously other then that you are thinking about certain subjects/people and it's carrying over. My nightmares are Air Force related--thank goodness the old High School ones seem to have ceased. Would also advise to just cut yourself a bit of slack and try to enjoy the company you have and see what comes of it.
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    B, those sound like some pretty crazy dreams... I'm sincerely hoping everything goes well for you.
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    Thanks for the comments. The funny thing about being sent to the psychward? I was sleeping in my house, and 5 police officers woke me up. They were *****ing at me for not locking my door. I don't really fear anything, not even 5 police officers in my house. Yoiu see, my Mother (God bless her) called the police, because she thought I was going to kill myself. I WOULD NEVER KILL MYSELF!
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    I wonder if your shirts still face the left?
  11. applepie's Avatar
    Amazing how the military tells time hmmm;) Take Care Pete, ~Meg~
  12. mtpspur's Avatar
    Time sure does fly when you're having fun. Seems lke yesterday for you I'll bet.
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    Have fun at those festivals, Pete! I think that it would be grand to live in Lafayette, Louisiana -- lucky you! I was in New Orleans the autumn before that disaster. The people in Louisiana are awesome, they make you feel at home, they make you feel their music, they make the best food I've ever tasted. Yes, you are sooooooo lucky, Pete -- enjoy the Festivals and enjoy the music! Kizzo
  14. B-Mental's Avatar
    Actually, I'm not going to pine for any women, PERIOD. There are way too many fish in the sea!
  15. applepie's Avatar
    Enjoy the horse, they can be some of your best friends. They say dogs are a man's best friend, but horses come in close. Take care my friend, and enjoy the peaceful time there. ~Meg~
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    I love horses too and I bet that that horse is fond of you because you're caring about his well being
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    I think that it is sweet that you are caring for this white horse. I love all animals and all stories about animals, including how you picked up the trash to clean the white horse's kingdom -- bet that horse looks forward to your visits!
  18. 1n50mn14's Avatar
    This is a beautiful entry... I love horses, and I'm thankful every day that I have a chance to be near them.
  19. kiz_paws's Avatar
    Pete, no matter how low it gets, don't wish to be dead. Life has a lot of beauty in it -- you yourself have written about it earlier on in this blog of yours. Think of nature. Think of that story you were writing, the joy you had. Think of music -- you are talented in this area -- go and blast some music, pour it out of ya. It always makes me feel better. I don't know a recipe to find inner peace, but if I ever find it, I will share it with you. You say your troubles are with women? Well, remain aloof with them for awhile. The right one will come along without your agonizing over it, I am sure. My hubby came along when I had totally sworn off men and marriage. Now why is that?? Anyhow, I won't say 'good luck' because that is too cliche. I will say 'peace' and you will know that you are in my thoughts. Love K♥z
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    Great YouTube link, Pete. Delbert is definitely HOT on the HARP! Woot!