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    Yes, this is a beautiful and peaceful place. I loved it out there and Maggie and I had a great time. I wonder if they would let me live there, away from all of the chaos. Pete, I will write you later. I've had a hectic and stressful week and weekend. Hope you are doing ok. Suzie
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    Thanks for the comments... I feel I could have written a much better entry, but I'm a wee uninspired today, bogged down at work offshore and all that.
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    beautiful picture on the link. I have a dear friend from China and I enjoy their traditions.
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    Wow that sounds absolutely lovely It sounds like a place I'd love to visit.
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    I enjoyed this installment of your story, Pete. It left me feeling very peaceful (and I needed to feel peaceful, so thanks!). There is just something very pleasing about a human who has the privilege of sharing an animal's world. I eagerly await some more of your work. Tootle-Loo, Kizzo
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    Congratulations to you, Pete, on the birth of your little niece. Those girls are beautiful! As for your story of the little puppy, at first my stomach was clenched, because I hate people who are cruel to animals -- but I was so glad that you guys saved the pup. Yes, your reward was to have Biscuit live a long and happy life where he belonged -- with you and your family. Yay for you guys. And thanks for supporting what I did (I wasn't scared at the time, just scared for Daisy. But I think I am lucky that the swearing man didn't come at me! He was unpredictable, and told me that he was tired of all my bull sh-- , yet I'd never met him before in my life? What B.S.?). Motto: speak for those who cannot. No matter what. Love, Kizzo
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    Thanks Sweets, I know you are a big dog lover too. I think its funny that women call all men dogs. Oh well, what can I do about it? Cheers to you and your pooch, B
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    Great entry!! I'm going to give it 5 stars for the kindness of the little boy that you were. That's so good that you and your friend were there to prevent Biscuit's death.
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    Thanks for the comments my friends. The girls are both very sweet, and I'm lucky to have them as my neices. Cheers, B
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    As always I loved the entry B:) You have the most beautiful nieces, and they are lucky to have you for an uncle. I'll just bet they will know where to bring the lost puppies that they find:lol: Be prepared to be conned into any number of strays my friend:D Much Love, Meg
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    Very well told and from the heart. Congratulations to your brother and all he best for Bridget.
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    That was such an adorable story
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    Great picture and story. very cute little girls, too.
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    Thanks for the kind comments Anza and Andave ya... I'm pretty glad I got her too!
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    oh, oh, oh! I'm so glad you got her!
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    awwww!! good for you!
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    I say we give this entry MORE COWBELL, Pete-a-roo! You have surely had some great influences on your life and I'm glad that you share them here. Thanks!
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    Thank you for commenting on my blog. It's wonderful to see that you had such a great relationship with your grandfathers. Grandparents are an invaluable source of life experience; there are certain lessons you can only learn from them.
    I also have a very close relationship with my maternal grandparents; unfortunately my paternal grandfather died long before my birth and my grandmother lives too far away to really form a closer relationship to her, but this enables me to appreciate the blessing of the relationship I have to my maternal grandparents more, and from year to year they become dearer to me. I'm glad that I can give back now some of the countless things they did for me when I was younger.
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    I've always liked that name Eugene. Rich, I suspect I like you more now. I always thought that I would name one of my children Eugene, and thereby honor both of my grandparents. I also thought of the name Francis as a good name. I guess its just the way it goes.
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    Bad Dream

    Everyone says not to worry, that it is just another bad dream
    When they have no idea how vivid and realistic they all seem

    Petrified and unable to move as you suddenly awake in my bed
    With all of these images and thoughts flowing through your head

    Is it a sign, a premonition or just a bad dream you have just seen
    You ask yourself as you try to interpret what these visions mean

    Still stunned by your interpretation of this dream of me and you
    I know in my heart the last part of your dream will never come true

    I do not want to be just another person telling you it is just a dream
    But you would never ever be forgotten no matter how real it may seem

    The kind Pete that everyone has gotten a chance to know and love
    Could never be forgotten because you are an angel sent from God above

    Loved always and forever by everyone that you touch throughout
    your life, Suzie
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