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  1. Virgil's Avatar
    Nice entry B-M.
  2. 's Avatar
    Very interesting and sad story. Yes, keep your chin up and keep reaching for the stars. Suzie
  3. kiz_paws's Avatar
    This was sweetly sad. And yes, kindness shall prevail -- with you in the world! Love K♥zzo
  4. B-Mental's Avatar
    Yes, I promise to keep my chin above the rising waters. Only, if you promise to stay as cute as you are, and keep writing. I loved the last couple of blog entries of yours. B
  5. Countess's Avatar
    Very poignant and reminiscently sad. Keep your chin up, B, okay?
  6. B-Mental's Avatar
    Thanks for the support Sweets. I live in the French speaking part of the US. The university is the abbreviated as U.L.L., or more aptly my amour... Oooh Lah Lah. LOL, B
  7. Sweets America's Avatar
    Just to say that yes, the French word is ami. You can believe me, I'm French.
  8. B-Mental's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment Kiz. I'm single and alone tonight, but if I had a girlfriend, I'd call her Suzie or Suzie's Dog, Maggie. She is adorable too. I call them my two girlfriends. I'm praying I can figure out which one I like more, but we all know the answer to that... Suzie is a brute of a woman...demanding, and mean spirited... she drinks and curses, but Maggie never talks back...although she snores and burps, chokes, and farts... I would choose both! Maybe, or else I'll just hug Sweets and have her find me a new Maggie...LOL> j/k B
  9. B-Mental's Avatar
    Kiz, the french word is ami as in mon ami from the Latin amo to love. I think... anyways, I remember you blogging about your Dad, and he sounds awesome. He sounds like the kind of guy I like to sit around the campfire with and tell stories to or just listen to the crackling fire. Cheers B
  10. kiz_paws's Avatar
    I loved this entry, Pete. The super-hero in my life is my dad, who rescued me from drowning when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. [I blogged about that already] But to this day I also fear drowning. Took me a long time to be comfortable around water, but anyhow, I can relate to ya. Cheers, your amiga, K♥zzo (amigo = boy and amiga = girl)
  11. Niamh's Avatar
  12. B-Mental's Avatar
    Thanks for all the kind comments. Virgil and Niamh, you are both superheroes, and you know it. Virgil, you always stick to your guns, and Niamh, you are so cute that when God broke the mold, he had already made two of you. Cheers to all the named and un~named super heroes. B
  13. Virgil's Avatar
    What a great entry B-M. I share that same fear of drowning. I'm paranoid about it. We all need friends like that. It's nice to have people one can rely on. And nice way of cming up with a literary connection.
  14. Niamh's Avatar
    nice entry! Sounds like you really had great friends going up b
    B. I hope they are still there for you today!...........NO superhero niamhie?
  15. Bakiryu's Avatar
    Wow, your friends sound pretty great B. It think it's so cool that you tried to rescue that man, I know I could never do that myself (*can't swim*) I still think you're a superhero! (go B!) ♥
  16. Sweets America's Avatar
    A small crush? At first I thought we would keep being angry at each other because of the argument we had had about my platypus thread in Virgil's entry ...but later when you commented on my blog I saw we could make peace. So I see all is definitely ok now.
  17. mtpspur's Avatar
    I am flattered by your dedication and pleased things are going better for you and your friends were true.
  18. andave_ya's Avatar
    here's to the superheroes! Cheers to ya, B, and I'm glad you have such great friends!
  19. B-Mental's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment. It was very sweet of you, Sweets. No actually I'm always flattered when you read my blog, because I have a small crush on you my dog loving friend. B
  20. Sweets America's Avatar
    Nice entry, a nice tribute to your friends. And I liked the big fonts, that made it pleasant to read. So you tried to rescue a man who was drowning? I remember you had also saved the little puppy, so yes I see why you would be a super-hero.
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