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Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia


  1. How Frustrating!

    by , 07-27-2008 at 10:55 AM (Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia)

    Angry man shoots lawn mower for not starting

    MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee man was accused of shooting his lawn mower because it wouldn't start. Keith Walendowski, 56, was charged with felony possession of a short-barreled shotgun or rifle and misdemeanor disorderly conduct while armed. …… Walendowski could face up to an $11,000 fine and six years and three months in prison if convicted.
    Has this ever happened to you? That sudden feeling ...
  2. “You Can’t Handle the Truth!”

    by , 07-26-2008 at 08:24 AM (Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia)
    My mother always taught me to tell the truth.

    And Pilate asked Jesus, “And what is truth?”

    Truth is a rather nebulous quality that people consider highly beneficial to the needs of other people rather than themselves. To suggest at all that perhaps long cherished beliefs may be in error or even in doubt may result in your being spurned.

    I started writing these little articles to give social commentary with a bit of sarcastic wit. I take each day the headlines ...
  3. Cop Out

    by , 07-24-2008 at 12:02 PM (Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia)

    In Portland, Ore., parking laws include police

    “About five minutes after the officer arrived, Bryant walked up to him and told him he was parked illegally. "He told me he was allowed to do so," Bryant testified. "I responded, 'No, you're not.' I told him he was an officer of the law. He's not supposed to break the law. He's supposed to enforce the law."
    Boy, isn’t about time? This officer wasn’t responding to a call, ...
  4. Um, Crack Alert!

    by , 07-21-2008 at 11:59 AM (Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia)

    It's the law: No sagging pants in Chicago suburb

    “LYNWOOD, Ill. - Be careful if you have saggy pants in the south Chicago suburb of Lynwood. Village leaders have passed an ordinance that would levy $25 fines against anyone showing three inches or more of their underwear in public.”

    Whoa, man! I guess the werewolves of Lynwood can relax now, there will be less full moons! Seriously, how do these guys buy those pants, anyway? Do they take someone ...
  5. The Dinette Set

    by , 07-15-2008 at 11:32 AM (Ramblings from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia)

    Wis. woman accused of placing dead rat in food (AP)

    It seems Ms. Debbie R. Miller, 41, of Appleton, put a large dead rat in her food and then demanded payment of $500,000 to keep her mouth shut, according to this Associated Press story. She was caught and convicted of extortion. Which brings me to unacceptable behavior in restaurants.

    For goodness sake if you must chat on your cell-phone take it outside! People are there to eat and have quiet ...
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