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  1. Regius

    What's the answer to my birth?
    When's the time to pierce the earth?

    Where's the hand to hold the spade?
    At whose feet are empires laid?

    Who's the man to dig my grave?
    Which is monarch, which the slave?

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  2. Reply

    Foam spray springs skyward
    from a ragged wind torn sea,
    churned to lace
    by gods more ancient
    than breath.
  3. only the silence remains

    where glacier greets sea
    the crashing, calving flow
    gives voice to every storm
    that added to its stream,
    replies to each stone
    overturned by groaning ice,
    and rings with echoes
    of the shearing squeal of
    rock etching rock

    then asea,
    as centuries bob
    in new disquiet,
    ice becomes the sea,
    and melts into
    the depths
    of its own

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  4. Flew the Nest

    This morning at about 8 AM the two hummingbird
    fledglings at the front door left their nest. We have been watching them closely, even before they hatched. The serendipity of the placement of the nest, on a chain hanging from a reflective plate at the entryway, has allowed us to peek into the nest at will. The young birds were incredibly tiny when they hatched. They grew steadily at first, then in a short period of about three days, they went through a growth spurt, and they were gone. We ...
  5. The Gospel According to Skeeter (Book II)

    Paying the Toll

    Skeet and me in the last pew
    listenin' to some trash
    somethin' bout our savior
    and givin' up our cash

    We just have two nickles
    Skeet says give em one
    I tell Skeeter ten percent
    is the way I heard it's done

    Skeeter says you can't make change
    when they pass the plate
    so he leaves a nickle
    to get us through the gate

    I tell Skeet it might be fine
    if we was ...

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