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  1. Part V: Mother Issues, of a Non-Freudian Variety.

    Well it has been quite a while since I last wrote an entry for my little autobiography. Today was the last day in Canada for you to file your taxes without penalty. So, of course I was doing my taxes last minute. What does this have to do with the topic of this entry? Well, my mother's a retired accountant and for some twisted reason doing my finances reminds me of her. Also, as a co-chair of my brother's trust I had to sign some stuff for that, gah.

    Anyway, for most of my childhood ...
  2. Failures of Sex-Ed curriculums

    Well recently in Ontario there was this big hoopla over some amendments made to the sex-ed curriculum of the province, the resistance lead to the province scrapping any potential revisions altogether.

    Among the amendments that caused trouble was the introduction of education on genital anatomy in grade 1 and teaching about anal intercourse and vaginal lubrication in grade 7. Now, I can understand how some parents can object to the age ranges for this stuff.

    However, ...

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    LGBT Issues
  3. Everybody is doing it.

    Since everyone seems to be doing the quiz I did it too .

    ~*100 questions about me*~
    by gdluvnchick

    ~Basic Info~

    Name:: Michael
    Age:: 22
    Sex:: Male
    Height:: 5'11''
    Hair Color:: Brown
    Eye Color:: Blue
    Body Type:: Chubby
    Religion:: Atheist
    Ethnicity:: English, Irish, Scottish, Jewish, North American Native (Mi'kmaq to be specific)
    Orientation:: Gay
    Status:: ...

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  4. Part IV: The Early Years

    I feel like my autobiographical blog has gotten a bit out of order, with me jumping around from different topics. I'm going to try and bring some sort of organizing logic to it by starting with a more in depth look at the earliest years of my life. Since most of my childhood is remembered in terms of school years, rather than by the calendar, I'll cover up until the beginning of grade 4.

    As everyone can imagine, I don't remember too much of my first few years of life. I have a vague ...
  5. Part III: Coming out

    This entry is coming closely on the heels of the last one as a response to a question posed by DB. So, today I'll address how my parents found out, how they reacted, how I felt about them finding out, and the concept of "coming out" as a whole.

    I have the "virtue" of not being, well, "flamboyantly gay" so I don't stand out and coming out is a never ending process for me. Unless I'm running into someone at a gay bar, most people I know have to be told ...
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