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  1. What I've Been Up To; Thoughts on Graduate School

    Hello Forumites,

    It has been a while since I last communicated with everyone through one of my self-indulgent blog posts. Unfortunately, I don't really have any pressing concerns to spill my heart out about, which leaves that most mundane of blog genres: the update.

    Leaving aside my romantic misadventures in recent days, I've enjoyed the experience of meeting lots of new people through my MA cohort. As a Montreal local, I get to play the role of guide quite often, ...
  2. Making an odd decision.

    So, I haven't done a blog in a while, but I'm going to seek lit-net's advice on a subject. Some of you may know that I've been working part-time on a B.A. since completing my microbiology degree. I've never really liked lab work, and though I love science, I don't love doing science. At first I started studying the arts, political science and literature primarily, as a hobby taking advantage of subsidized education in Quebec.

    Now, I will receive my B.A. in April, and on a whim I ...

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  3. Save my Forest!

    Well for a little while I've known about this weird society dedicated to the protection of a little forest on the Western part of the Island of Montreal.

    The thing about the forest is that it happens to be named after my family. It is on the part of the island where my family came and settled in 18th century, back then we had some money and clout in the region. 200 years later we were a bunch of dairy farmers, time changes everything .

    A little nagging part of me ...
  4. The Red Light is Just About Put Out

    I am inspired to write about a local news item I read today.

    There is a street in Montreal officially called Boulevard Saint-Laurent, but most often affectionately called the Main. It has historically been the dividing line between English and French Montreal, as a result it was a no man's land that created room for immigrants to carve out their own space in the city. As a result, the Main was also a street that was largely populated by some of the poorest members of Montreal society. ...
  5. The Voice Behind the Door - a poem

    I found this going through my stuff today, I'm not sure I'm entirely fond of it. I rarely write poetry for anything other than passing time so I don't mind writing bad poetry .

    The Voice Behind the Door

    Life pinned to a bed, is a
    Peculiar joy:
    Hot breath, suppressing weight,
    The heartbeat rising-


    Does he guess the
    Source of the excitement?
    Boys will be boys,
    They're loud and

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