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  1. The Year 2554

    Sunday was Buddha Day, year 2554 in the Buddhist calendar.

    We usually go over to the Dhamma Talaka Peace Pagoda in Birmingham, but were unable to do so this year.

    Here is the Pagoda:

    Tha Pagoda has a really nice feel to it, and it is used for teachings, meditation and hosting events such as this year's Buddha day. It has relics in a small alcove ...
  2. Small Dog, Big World, Little Kingdom

    This is my dog Dorje, a long legged Jack Russell Terrier. He is 2 today - 20th April.

    Dorje is a Tibetan name, and one of its meanings is Thunderbolt, which is most appropriate in this case. He was named by our children, who also have this as a middle name. (In the Asian tradition, it can apply to both male and female). He is a little Thunderbolt in protection of his kingdom, ...
  3. William the Conqueror, Restaurants and Class.

    I watched an interesting programme on Friday night - The Monarchy, this one being about william the Conqueror's invasion of England.

    William was a Norman, but the Normans were so called as they had been granted lands in Northern France to stop them attacking French villages. They were originally Vikings.

    So eventually William invaded England and beat Harold at Hastings. They then took over the country, building wooden and later stone castles to control the population. ...
  4. The Listeners

    The Listeners
    by Walter De La Mare

    'Is there anybody there?' said the Traveller,
    Knocking on the moonlit door;
    And his horse in the silence champed the grasses
    Of the forest's ferny floor:
    And a bird flew up out of the turret,
    Above the Traveller's head
    And he smote upon the door again a second time;
    'Is there anybody there?' he said.
    But no one descended to the Traveller;
    No head from the leaf-fringed sill

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  5. Linguistic Archaeology?

    Linguistic Archaeology anyone?

    I've been up town today with my lad who's had a big toenail off, and nothing much happened as we sat in the coffee shop in Coventry City Centre.

    So I thought I'd talk about linguistic Archaeology, which I came across a few years ago by reading Melvin Braggs "A History of English", and watching his series.

    As kids we used to play in the streets around our ...
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