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  1. Rock in Spades

    I’ve been down to the allotment today, and I took my wife’s portable DAB radio. It’s great, though it doesn’t work at our house as it’s a signal dead zone. (So my wife can’t use it!). It works everywhere else though, so I duly tuned in to Planet Rock.

    I like rock music, though I was never a rocker, have never ridden a motorbike, I’ve never been wanted nor have I worn black leather. (I did once have a brown leather jacket that a friend gave ...

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  2. Why youíll find my old clothes in a charity shop over my dead body.

    I was in some charity shops today Ė those shops where people donate their old or unused stuff to be sold by the charity for a small profit Ė as my wife and I like browsing in them. I bought three books for a quid Ė actually they came to 50p as it was an ďEverything Half PriceĒ day.

    I bought Hammond Innes The Strange Land Ė mainly because it is a 1966 copy, and I find the cover alluring. I got a Len Deighton Ė Hope which is the second in his Faith, Hope and Charity trilogy. They didnít ...

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  3. The Allotment AGM

    Last week I decided to take the plunge. Iíve had an allotment for about three years now, (allotments were developed and leased annually during WW2 by local authorities to encourage the population to grow their own food to supplement food rationing, and still continue), but I hadnít been to an AGM yet. My wife refused point blank last year, and this year was no different. So I decided to go to the Allotment Association Annual General Meeting ... alone.

    Iíve not been to an Annual General ...

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  4. Getting to know the hospital.

    I recently had reason to spend quite a bit of time at the hospital Ė though not for myself. Iíve always disliked them on the grounds that they mean someone is in pain and is suffering, such as my wife when she was having the kids, and the elderly relatives and parents when they were ill and dying. This is still true, and was true this time, but Iíve come to see it in a somewhat different shade as well.

    My wife loves the hospital, as she sees it as a place of healing and helping. She ...
  5. Tolstoy on the Bus

    I usually ride my bike to work, but sometimes I fancy a leisurely bus ride. I work late on Wednesday nights teaching, and so itís nice to go in a bit later and read a book on the bus. Today itís Tolstoy on the bus.


    My rather battered book on the bus this morning.

    The bus services are too unreliable to use every day, and I would miss biking. Today though I will spend ...
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