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  1. A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines

    A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines

    I posted this in the book review section, but on re-reading it, I though it was perhaps as much about my experience as the book and film. It is cetainly relevant to an Uncle of mine.

    A Kestrel for a Knave was written by Barry Hines; a writer who originates from a South Yorkshire mining village. It is based upon the stories and events that Hines came across through his childhood in the 1950s and 60s.

    Billy Caspar is a lad ...

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  2. Returning To Maths

    It is 31 years since I failed, retook and passed my OíLevel Maths as a bemused 16 year old who had little idea, beyond the narrow calculations of my experience, about the world and its machinations. I did as little Maths as possible at the time, avoiding it at home, and dreading double maths on a Thursday afternoon. As a young teen I little appreciated that it takes effort to improve in anything worthwhile.

    I did get a big clue about learning in those years. A friend, who was pretty ...

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  3. In The Library

    Our library in town has a sepia look. I donít know if this betokens some future consignment to history, like some photo relic of past times, but it is certainly the pervading colour, and libraries may well radically change in this digital age. Who can tell?

    The light brown carpet, and light brown walls certainly conspire to a kind of tan calm of visual deprivation. I suppose you donít really want a vibrant jazz for fear of waking the sleeping odd people that hang around these warm ...
  4. Turn on, Tune in, and Drop Off Timothy Leary almost said, yet today I just hoped that the old Auntie would be able to do just that.

    The Old Auntie, who claims she is 82, had to give me her date of birth today when I was phoning up the Digital Switchover people to confirm when the engineer was coming to fit the new free Freeview digital box. (People over 75 get a free box and free fitting as the country goes completely digital). ď1922Ē she said. I made no comment on that, but was able to confirm that the ...
  5. My Gadget Autobiography

    I was trying to think of an interesting activity the other day for an English class, and I came up with a Gadget Autobiography. I could see what the shape of it would be; less then and more now, but once I got going I found I had a short anecdote to go with each thing. I also kept thinking of more as I went along. There will be more no doubt.


    Black and White TV, Radio

    I remember watching the TV and being scared by the credits on Dr. Who Ė a popular ...
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