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  1. My Gadget Autobiography

    I was trying to think of an interesting activity the other day for an English class, and I came up with a Gadget Autobiography. I could see what the shape of it would be; less then and more now, but once I got going I found I had a short anecdote to go with each thing. I also kept thinking of more as I went along. There will be more no doubt.


    Black and White TV, Radio

    I remember watching the TV and being scared by the credits on Dr. Who a popular ...
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  2. Getting to know the hospital.

    I recently had reason to spend quite a bit of time at the hospital though not for myself. Ive always disliked them on the grounds that they mean someone is in pain and is suffering, such as my wife when she was having the kids, and the elderly relatives and parents when they were ill and dying. This is still true, and was true this time, but Ive come to see it in a somewhat different shade as well.

    My wife loves the hospital, as she sees it as a place of healing and helping. She ...
  3. Old Music is like a sweet smell

    Are there certain records you heard years ago that sometimes you hear and it takes you right back to those times? You never found out what the song or group was, and so when you finally hear it, you are there in the past?

    I have a number that are like this, but of course I wont remember until I hear them again. The problem in the past was that it was virtually impossible to find out the name of the song or group you liked until you heard it again and asked. The internet has changed ...

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